Singapore Cosmeceutical Skincare Brand Recherché, Announces The Launch Of Its New Edible Skincare Range

December 14, 2020 - 17:01
Singapore Cosmeceutical Skincare Brand Recherché, Announces The Launch Of Its New Edible Skincare Range

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 15 December2020 - Elevating beauty beyond face value,Singapore cosmeceutical skincare brand Recherché is announces the arrival of its first fullrange of edible skincare actives. Offering a holistic solution to skincare andwellness that addresses the need for a combination of internal and externalskincare regime, the launch of Recherché Edible Skincare provides optimal skin and body beautifyingnutrients so that you receive the 'raw materials' needed to enhance overallbeauty, well-being and youthfulness from within.

Since itsfounding in 2018, Recherché has fast-earned a reputation as an eliteinnovation-focused company that employs a multi-disciplinary approach todeveloping clean, green transformative products. Synergisticallycombining skin repair traditions with modern-day biotech, the introductionof Recherché Edible Skincare pushesthe boundaries of their ever-growing line of 100% sustainable plant-basedproducts.

"At Recherché, we embrace a holistic approach and believe that true beauty starts fromwithin. What we put on our body, is just as important as what we put in ourbody," said Coreenna Ong, Head Research & Development, addingthat "We aspire to make a world of difference for all skin types and go togreat lengths to make sure every single one of our products work well with oneanother."

Commenting onthe launch of their new product line, Ms Ong said "We are very excited to bringour new collection of edible skincare to our customers, especially for thoseseeking a beauty fix on-the-go. As a pioneer in utilising only the purest andmost natural ingredients, we have developed special capabilities to extract andharness nature in its quintessence -- distilling the purest essence of nature tocreate high performance edible beauty skincare actives. This is just the beginning of our product expansion, and we areconstantly researching and innovating to bring the very best to achieve overallbeauty, well-being and youthfulness."

RecherchéEdible Skincare collection

Made from 100%pure, concentrated edible skincareactives and natural plant-based ingredients, Recherché Edible Skincare iseasily digestible with superior absorption and bioavailability. Its densenutritional profile and highly concentrated actives undergoes a distillation process of the core essence, sometimesup to the molecular level so that it is easily absorbed from the inside,providing nourishment to the skin from the inside out. Unlike otherbeauty and health supplements, Recherché Edible Skincare powders do not containany added fillers, excipients, preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavours orcolours and is Halal-approved.

Designed to mix easily and quickly into foodand drinks, Recherché Edible Skincare is the perfect beauty fix on-the-go for busyindividuals who find it a hassle to take supplements separately.

The Recherché Edible Skincare collection featurestwo products:

  • Recherché Collagen Amino Acid -- a holistic edible skincare active superchargedwith intelligent Tri-Peptides composedof amino acids Glycine, Proline and Hydroxyproline, to rejuvenate andreverse skin-aging. Derived from enzymatic hydrolysis of pure fish-sourcedcollagen, the Recherché Collagen Aminohas a molecular size 1/25 of most collagen which makes it easier to be absorbed.
  • Recherché Skin Brightening Plus -- a holistic edible skincare active rich inellagic acid extracted from pomegranate, berries and herbs, and naturallyoccurring antioxidants such as Vitamins C & E. Targets skin brightening andprotection from UV rays.


The Recherché Edible Skincare range is available on and has a recommended retail price of S$98each.

About Recherché

Recherché is a Singapore cosmeceutical skincare brand that employs a multi-disciplinaryapproach to developing transformative products. A pioneer in developingedible skincare actives to specifically address skin concerns, Recherché offersa wide range of products that are clean, green and plant-based. Recherchéproducts are made in Singapore in accordance with the country's stringentproduct safety and quality standards, to ensure that they are pregnancy-safeand suitable for sensitive skin. For more information, visit