7-Eleven's Own Brand 7-SELECT x Top One Pot Enjoy the tastes of Taiwan in the comfort of your own home

December 11, 2020 - 10:39
7-Eleven's Own Brand 7-SELECT x Top One Pot Enjoy the tastes of Taiwan in the comfort of your own home

New and exclusive products launched in first-ever collaboration between 7-Eleven and Top One Pot, the renowned Taiwanese hot pot restaurant


HONGKONG SAR - Media OutReach -11 December 2020 - Astemperatures drop, hot pot is the go-to dish for Hongkongers to warm themselvesup with and lift their spirits! In their first-ever collaboration, 7-Eleven has teamed up with Top OnePot -- the renowned hot pot restaurant from Taiwan -- and launched two exclusivehot pot items: 7-SELECT x Top One Pot Beef Spicy Hot Pot with Sweet PotatoNoodles and 7-SELECT x Top One PotTomato Soup & Pork Hot Pot with Udon. Now you can enjoy an appetising hot pot meal to go, conveniently in yourown home! In addition, Top One Pot is also releasing a pair of classic snackitems at 7-Eleven - Top One Pot Spicy Braised Chicken Gizzardsand Top One Pot Spicy Braised Dried Tofu -- letting you savour theauthentic flavours of Taiwan in Hong Kong anytime, anywhere!

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7-SELECT x Top One Pot Beef Spicy Hot Pot with SweetPotato Noodles: hot pot for one!

The key component to an authentic spicy or hot pot ismost definitely its mouth-tingling soup base! The gold medal winning executivechef of Top One Pot created the recipe for 7-SELECT x Top One Pot Beef SpicyHot Pot with Sweet Potato Noodles ($45). A perfect blend of aromatic spices and herbs including specially selectedSichuan green peppercorns and bell peppers gives the recipe that powerful"mala" kick. Traditional techniques have also been used to enhance the fieryflavours of the chilli oil to create the ultimate lip-numbing hotpot. Thebase is then combined with pork broth to give the dish its uniquely fragrantand intense flavour. Also containing generous portions of potato noodles and tenderslices of meat, this mouth-watering combination of ingredients makes for onewinter warmer of a meal!

7-SELECT xTop One Pot Tomato Soup & Pork Hot Pot with Udon: the perfect choice for winter

When it comes to hot pot,the tomato soup base is a firm favourite for many Hongkongers. Made from freshtomatoes and pork broth, the soup base is both deliciously sweet and tangy.Chewy yet soft udon noodles complete the recipe, resulting in a flavourful and unforgettablemeal for all!

Top One Pot Spicy Braised Chicken Gizzards: anaddictive appetiser

Top One Pot Spicy Braised Chicken Gizzards ($19) are carefullyselected chicken gizzards from Taiwan braised in an aromatic spicy sauce - madeusing traditional Chinese medicinal ingredients including cinnamon bark, liquoriceroot, aromaticginger, and Chinese angelica. These addictive morsels are slightly sweet,peppery and full of flavour - the perfect appetiser to go with drinks, or a late-nightsupper snack!

Top One Pot Spicy Braised Dried Tofu: the ideallate-night snack!

Top One Pot Spicy Braised Dried Tofu ($19) is madefrom non-GMO soybeans and braised in a sauce including several traditionalChinese medicinal ingredients such as cinnamon bark, star anise and liquoriceroot. The hot and tangy marinade infuses into the dried tofu giving the snackits moreishly sweet and tasty flavour.

7-SELECT Chicken Leg spiced with TabascoBrand Pepper Sauce: newly added to our TABASCO® crossover menu!

7-Eleven already has a wide variety offlavours to choose from when it comes to their crowd-pleasing menu of juicy chickenlegs. And now, as part of its exclusive crossover collection with TABASCO®, weare proud to introduce the unmissable 7-SELECT Chicken Leg spiced withTabasco Brand Pepper Sauce ($22)! Enjoy the hot and sour flavours of succulentchicken seasoned with TABASCO® Pepper Sauce, honey, ketchup, lime juice andgarlic powder. Simply mouth-watering!

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