ESR Launches Its Five-Year ESG Roadmap

November 25, 2020 - 05:57
ESR Launches Its Five-Year ESG Roadmap

Driving Positive Impact with Sustainable Solutions for the "New Economy"


HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 25 November 2020 - ESR Cayman Limited ("ESR" or the "Company",together with its subsidiaries as the "Group"; SEHK Stock Code: 1821), thelargest APAC focused logistics real estate platform, has reaffirmed itscommitment to long-term sustainable growth by announcing its five-year visionroadmap and targets around ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance.


Followingthe adoption of a Group ESG Policy and having laid the foundation of its ESG roadmap,ESR's plan and targets are explicitly aligned with the UN SustainableDevelopment Goals (SDGs).


The Grouphas set out a clear vision and targets across the three key pillars of HumanCentric, Property Portfolio and Corporate Performance. They include improving genderratios, achieving zero workforce fatalities, a 50% increase in solar powergeneration, a 20% reduction in group-wide energy consumption, and US$15 millionof social investment in local community foundations by 2030.


JeffreyShen and Stuart Gibson, Co-founders and Co-CEOs of ESR, underlined theimportance of the roadmap and targets for the Company's future: "We have beencommitted to ESG throughout the years and this move strengthens our commitmentto a structured framework with tangible goals that we will achieve. Our goal isnot just to become bigger but also better, as we continue to advance theindustry as a leader and a responsible custodian of our natural resources,stakeholders and communities."


ESR has achieved robust growth in recent years thanks to beingwell-positioned to capitalise on the secular growth trends in APAC. As the Groupcontinues to strengthen its commitment to delivering the 21stcentury logistics infrastructure, the new economic paradigm in this uniquely challenging year hasreaffirmed why responsible business will be more important than ever, both inthe immediate recovery and longer-term.


"2020 hasbeen shaken with global volatility across all markets. We recognise that thenew economy must be built back by purpose-led and responsible businesses andthe need to set an example for the industry -- not only through eco-efficienciesbut also by looking ahead towards opportunities to drive meaningful growth andimprove key metrics. This is laid out in our five-year roadmap, a period whichwill be instrumental for ESR's business. We look ahead with confidence to theprogress and wins we hope to achieve together as we reach our ambitious targets,"continued Mr. Shen and Mr. Gibson.


Inaddition to its importance to ESR's customers, business partners and employees,ESG is also increasingly critical from an investor perspective. Greatertransparency and accountability on environmental and social matters is a key driverof ESR's business as the Company's ESG performance crystallises its approach tosustainability.


EmmaLarsson, ESG Officer of ESR, commented: "We are especially conscious ofour influence on our stakeholders and are excited and humbled to engage withthem to drive positive impact. Our five-year roadmap begins with the scientificfoundation that maps our risks, builds capacity in people and systems and thenensures that we foster a culture of learning and transparent communications, sowe can hold ourselves fully accountable to progress and development."


Strategies are in place to ensure that the 2025 targets are achieved.Firstly, ESR aims to integrate ESG considerations into all stages of thebusiness cycle. This includes establishing data management systems,streamlining ESG data collection processes and developing policies while settingannual performance targets and reviews for a fully transparent process.


In order to promote health and wellbeing, engagement programmes with allESR stakeholders will be strengthened, while conducting regular ESG riskassessments in building safety, energy efficiency, indoor environmental qualityand waste and water management.


Across the region ESR is embarking on a climate impact study to shapethe Group's approach to climate adaptation. It also seeks to foster a cultureof active ESG learning for employees. Lastly, ESR plans to progress further inESG reporting each year. This will include a GRI adopted ESG report by 2022,improved GRESB scores and participation at a corporate level, as well as becominga signatory of the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) by 2024.


Pleaserefer to ESR's ESG 2025Roadmap for details.