Australian Connected Fitness Start Up Vitruvian Raises USD$2.5 Million Capital Seed Round Investment

November 25, 2020 - 02:48
Australian Connected Fitness Start Up Vitruvian Raises USD$2.5 Million Capital Seed Round Investment

PERTH, AUSTRALIA - MediaOutReach - 25 November2020 - Vitruvian, an Australian Connected Fitness Technology company, hasannounced that they have raised USD $2.5m (AUD$3.42m) in capitalfrom industry-leading strategic investors, despite a global pandemic.


This injection allows Vitruvian to ramp up production oftheir revolutionary strength training device, the V-Form Trainer, which opensto the global retail market tomorrow after months of demand.


Evolution Wellness Group, based in South-East Asia witha portfolio of influential fitness and wellness brands, recognised the value in Vitruvian after trying one of the prototype devices andwere quick to lead the round.


Evolution Wellness CEO Simon Flint immediately sawthe potential of the innovative product.


"Upon the formation of Evolution Wellness in 2017,we were clear about our ambition and direction for the company, which was tobuild value with a diverse and exciting portfolio of brands. Our investment inVitruvian marks our first major foray into the area of connected fitness and isanother stepping stone in fulfilling our growth ambition in this fast-paced industry.


Jon and the team have built a first-class productwhich is going to perform extremely well as it takes a unique spot in theconnected fitness category; we look forward to playing a pivotal role in theirgrowth journey to bring the V-Form Trainer into new markets and help morepeople pursue their health and fitness goals," said Flint.


The investment was quickly secured after Vitruvian'ssuccessful pre-order campaign, which outsold global category leader Peloton'spre-order campaign.


The V-Form Trainer promises to dramatically improve theefficiency and accessibility of resistance training.


Driven by intelligent algorithmic technology, the devicedoes away with static weight entirely, rather, it modifies weight loadingbetween 5kg and 180kg to match the user's ability.


Perth-based founder Jon Gregory, a former high frequencytrader whose experience with algorithm-building is the foundation of thedevice's offering, was thrilled by the success of the launch.


"The response from consumers has been overwhelming,I knew we were onto something after spending the last 10 years iterating thetechnology, but I am glad the general fitness community has also bought intowhat we are building," says Gregory.

What they're saying about the V-Form Trainer


"It's almost overwhelming, because I've been workingfor the last 15 years to perfect an eccentrics protocol delivery and 31 yearstrying to perfect a training system in general -- and this changes the game somuch."
--Jim Clarry, Founder Studio Perseverance & Strength Training Authority


"I'm blown away by the efficiency of Vitruviantechnology. The device automatically knows if it needs to reduce or increasethe weight load and it adapts to how you are lifting during your rep. Plus itenables you to train all major and minor muscle groups in the comfort of yourown home!" --Amanda Bisk, Exercise Physiologist & Elite Athlete


"As a fitness expert I have seen a lot of thingscome and go in this industry. Most of the things I was glad to see go. When Igot my hands on the V-Form I was intrigued to use it. The technology trulytakes the science of strength training and puts it into a platform that anyonecan understand! -- Joey Thurman, Celebrity Trainer

Powerful Smart Tech


Using innovative custom-developed motor systems, the V-FormTrainer can output enough resistance for max lifts up to 180kg.  The adaptive force algorithm manages load,dynamically changing resistance to slash the time it takes to build muscle,while logging performance data to monitor progress. Train in a variety ofmodes: it's the first device to empower users to train truly eccentricallyat significant loads without static weight and without a spotter.


Versatile Flexibility


The connected app and accessories guide full-body,customizable workouts, with over 200 exercises across all muscle groups.Coached classes and technique tutorials are delivered by leading professionaltrainers.


Sleek Design

Carbon fiber, smooth finish and dynamic lighting make theV-Form Trainer a  sophisticated homefeature. Customizable LEDs respond to your force load and the light, flatplatform easily stores away out of sight.


Named for Leonardo Da Vinci's famous drawing of the idealhuman physique, Vitruvian empowers users to find their perfect form with uniquetechnology. It's resistance revolutionized -- the smartest way to train. Learnmore at
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About Evolution Wellness Group

Establishedin 2017, Evolution Wellness is Asia's leading health and wellness group with avision to build a comprehensive wellness ecosystem. Its diverse portfolio ofhighly complementary brands spans the spectrum of fitness offerings from highvalue low price (HVLP), to full service and premium boutique gyms, virtual fitness,connected fitness, wellness and a subscription-based SaaS membership managementsystem. Besides its core business as owner and operator of Asia's largestnetwork of wholly-owned fitness clubs, Evolution Wellness also offers anattractive licensing programme for its HVLP brand GoFit and premium boutiquebrand FIRE Fitness, joint venture opportunities and management consultancy forits wellness brand, Fivelements.


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