Musicians write songs about COVID-19

February 18, 2020 - 15:14

A number of Vietnamese songwriters have composed songs about the coronavirus epidemic.

HÀ NỘI — A number of Vietnamese songwriters have composed songs about the coronavirus epidemic.

Musical couple Sa Huỳnh and Nguyễn Duy Hùng both have released new songs. Entitled Đôi Mắt nCoV (Eyes of nCoV), the song by Huỳnh was inspired by images of the doctors in Wuhan, China, who have to wear protective clothing while treating patients.

"I read an article about doctors in Wuhan on HCM City Women newspaper on February 4 and was very moved," Huỳnh said.

She asked her husband to help arrange the tune. After working for 11 hours without break, the recording was complete.

"I hope the song will help people become more aware of the virus and encourage them in difficult situations," said the musician.

Her husband, musician Hùng, released a song entitled Đại Dịch Vũ Hán (Wuhan Pandemic).

Students are experiencing their longest Tết holiday, said singer Minh Vương. He said he has been spending time at home to avoid crowded places. 

Musician Minh Vương. He is the leader of chamber music troupe TIme. — Photo

He released a song entitled Đại Dịch Corona (Corona Pandemic).

"Spring is the busiest season for artists," Vương said. "It is not just performing in shows."

Having to stay indoors is very boring for Vương. He felt more anxious every day, reading bad news about COVID-19.

"The song was composed quickly because I wanted to write it right after the coronavirus outbreak," said Vương. This is a chance for me to convey my message to listeners.

"Hopefully my song will encourage people. No matter how dangerous the virus is, we should be optimistic and believe in a bright future."

In the song, Vương uses electronic sound effects to express tension and urgency.

Another song entitled Corona has been released by musician Thành Công. There are three versions of the song in different genres. 

Musician Thành Công. — Photo 

The lyrics are about a young man whose lover died from coronavirus and he prays for a miracle to help people overcome the disease.

Công is seeking singers who can sing the song in English, Chinese, South Korean, Thai and Japanese, aiming to popularise the song around the world. 

Producer Hiếu Trần released a music video entitled Corona Virus Song last week.

Music producer Hiếu Trần. — Photo

"The idea of the song was so abundant in mass media and on the WHO official website," said Hiếu. "The most important thing is how to make it so memorable and fun for everyone to accept and follow.”

Hiếu Trần has worked with popular singers such as Sơn Tùng MT-P; Vũ Cát Tường and Bùi Anh Tuấn. 

He was the second winner at a music cover competition in South Korea in 2011. — VNS