Prose works by young writers released

February, 18/2020 - 09:37

Prose works recently issued by young writers are leaving a strong impression on readers.


Trương Anh Quốc introduces his latest book, Sóng (Waves), in HCM City. The work has attracted young readers in HCM City, who found themselves after reading. — Photo courtesy of the publisher

HCM CITY — Prose works recently issued by young writers are leaving a strong impression on readers.

Đào Đại Trí’s Lam Lũ Những Mùa Hoa (Flower Seasons) and Sông Nước Biên Thùy (Rivers) are two collections of prose featuring reviews about his trips around southern provinces.   

In his books, the Cửu Long (Mekong) Delta River region and its people are seen as beautiful and peaceful.

Trí’s words are simple but meaningful which evoke readers’ imagination about provinces, such as An Giang and Đồng Tháp, and their history, culture and lifestyle.  

The HCM City-based General Publishing House, one of the region’s prestigious printers, was not sure that these books would be successful but knew that readers, particularly young people, would find it attractive.

They have also published books by young writers Huỳnh Trọng Khang and Trương Anh Quốc. 

A collection of poems by female writer Nguyệt Phạm, Phơi Riêng Tư  (Face Off) released in November, has attracted both readers and critics. The work captures the beauty of life, love and women.

Some poems in the collection feature the writer’s life with her family after her traffic accident.

Phơi Riêng Tư is written by a woman who loves life and wants to share her feelings with readers,” said Nguyễn Anh Khôi, a fourth-year student at the HCM City University of Fine Arts.

Khôi is reading Sóng (Waves), a new novel written by Trương Anh Quốc. Printed by the Trẻ (Youth) Publishing House, the book tells stories of fishermen during their travel on Vietnamese seas.

The writer Quốc also released a series of prose collections, Sóng Biển Rì Rào (The Sounds of Waves), Lũ Đầu Mùa (First Floods) and Hợp Đồng Chiều Thứ Bẩy (Contracts in Saturday Afternoon).  

These books include writings featuring the culture and lifestyle of people living in different places, where the author traveled. They are available at online bookstores.

According to a report from two book-selling websites, Tikiweb and Vinabook, books by young writers, including Nguyệt Phạm and Quốc, have all been best-sellers in recent years.     

“Young writers add something new that have gained from their life and experiences to a market dominated by traditional writing styles,” said Nguyễn Minh Nhựt, director of the Trẻ Publishing House, in his interview with Thanh Niên (Young People) newspaper.     

“I see that they work very hard and expect them to take the market by storm,” he said. — VNS