Vĩnh Phúc's pottery tower officially got national treasure title

May 17, 2019 - 19:26
Vĩnh Phúc Province yesterday received a certificate recognising the pottery tower of Trò Pagoda as a national treasure.


VĨNH PHÚC — Vĩnh Phúc Province yesterday received a certificate recognising the pottery tower of Trò Pagoda as a national treasure.

Speaking at the ceremony, Nguyễn Ngọc Bình, deputy chairman of Vĩnh Phúc’s People’s Council, said: “The recognition of the tower as a national treasure is an honour for the province and also affirms the responsibility of Vĩnh Phúc people in preserving, renovating and promoting the values of cultural heritage. We will develop a plan for protection, preservation and display to honour the value of the tower.”

The tower is among 21 artefacts that were recognised last December.  

The glazed pottery tower, the original and only one of its kind that dates back to the 14th century at the time of the Trần Dynasty, is now displayed at Vĩnh Phúc Museum. It was originally a worshipping item that belonged to the ancient Trò Pagoda in Dân Trù Village in Yên Lạc District.

“The pagoda is believed to be built during the Lý-Trần dynasties (from the 11th to 15th century). It was damaged during the war with the French colonialists. However, the precious tower was saved by local residents and donated to the province's museum when the country was free from war,” said Mai Văn Trung, director of Vĩnh Phúc Museum.

The tower features delicate patterns of lotus flowers, chrysanthemums, bodhi leaves, dragons and Buddhas which are typical images in Buddhist art works.

The glazed ceramic tower, which has nine floors, is 1.45m tall and its foundation is 0.5m wide with three main colours, white, brown and turquoise.

It is known as the largest and most intact glazed pottery tower and has become both a work of art and a symbol of Buddhism.

The ceremony was held as part of the exhibition “Cultural Heritage of Lý-Trần Dynasties in Vĩnh Phúc", which displays 200 artefacts, some of which were excavated at the Tây Thiên Landscape Site in Tam Đảo District in Bình Sơn Commune in Sông Lô District, and Vũ Di Commune in Vĩnh Tường District. Others are owned by collectors in Vĩnh Phúc. — VNS