Mid-Autumn Festival gets into full swing

September 22, 2018 - 09:00

Mid-Autumn Festival is not only a chance for children to have fun.

Tourist trail: Hàng Mã Street is a tourist destination in the heart of Hà Nội’s Old Quarter. — VNS Photo Trương Vị
Viet Nam News

Mid-Autumn Festival is not only a fun time for children.

The spirit is buzzing along Hàng Mã Street in the capital, which is famous for selling traditional toys. Families there now supply toys for both Vietnamese and overseas customers.

The colourful street is busy at the moment with locals and tourists eager to be part of the traditional festival.

Other festive activities have also been held within the Old Quarter, including artisan-led workshops on how to make traditional toys such as star-shaped lanterns and tò he (figurines made from glutinous rice powder), which take place at Kim Ngân Communal House at 42-44 Hàng Bạc Street. Traditional games and musical performances will be held at the mural on Phùng Hưng Street this weekend.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of Việt Nam’s biggest celebrations. It is also known as the children’s festival because of its emphasis on creating fun experiences for kids. It is held on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month (September 24 this year).— VNS

School trip: A class of primary pupils visit the street. — VNS Photo Trương Vị
Decisions: Various kinds of toys are sold at the site. — VNS Photo Trương Vị
Old and new: Traditional and modern toys are available. — VNS Photo Trương Vị
Masquerade: Traditional paper masks featuring legendary characters. — VNS Photo Trương Vị
Beat it: Small drums are also popular among children. — VNS Photo Trương Vị
Day out: A young family visits the street. — VNS Photo Trương Vị
Special steps: Lion dances are performed at Kim Ngân Communal House to amuse children. — VNS Photo Lê Bích