New book collection of wartime letters hits the shelves

April 19, 2023 - 09:45
The book titled Những Lá Thư Thời Chiến Việt Nam (Letters of Việt Nam Wartime), released recently in HCM City, includes 200 handwritten letters from soldiers and young people collected and complied by journalist Đặng Vương Hưng.
The cover of the book 'Letters of the Việt Nam Wartime'. Photo

HCM CITY - The Sự Thật (Truth) National Political Publishing House has launched a special collection of letters showcasing the glorious national history and the love of a young generation during the country's wartime.

The book titled Những Lá Thư Thời Chiến Việt Nam (Letters of Việt Nam Wartime), released recently in HCM City, includes 200 handwritten letters from soldiers and young people collected and complied by journalist Đặng Vương Hưng.

All of the letters belong to a "brave young generation who were ready to sacrifice and dedicate their youth to revolutionary ideal and national liberation," said Nguyễn Hoài Anh, deputy director of the Sự Thật National Political Publishing House.

According to Anh, most letters' authors were no longer alive.

Still, their small handwriting of "hasty words" on the old papers are touching stories about history and the ideals, sacrifice and dedication of the young people during wartime,.

"These letters are also profound evidence of their love for family, love among couples and love for the homeland and motherland," he added. "They have contributed to the unforgettable glorious, and heroic history of Việt Nam."

Anh said he hoped that when turning from the first page to the last page of the book, readers would be able to accompany writers, most of them were soldiers, reminiscing about the hard days of fighting and experiencing moments of relaxing and dreaming about their families and beloved ones.

Journalist Hưng said: "Each of those wartime letters became a bridge connecting the front lines and the rear, reflecting a young generation on the battlefield with all their love for the motherland and their families along with a high willingness of fighting, sacrifice and dedication. It is a generation that will forever last along with the nation's history."

Hưng revealed his book had been supplemented for this publication with some presentations and documents collected from a conference themed "Letters in the Việt Nam wartime in the national history, traditions and culture", held in July 2017 in Hà Nội by the Centre for Research, Conservation and Promotion of National Culture, in collaboration with the Việt Nam Historical Science Association, the War Remnants Museum and the Soldiers Hearts club. VNS

Experts discuss the book at its launch. Photo