Vietnam University of Fine Arts opens dual exhibitions

November 15, 2022 - 09:44
Two exhibitions are taking place in paralel at the Vietnam University of Fine Arts, showcasing artworks by both lecturers and students of the university.


Two exhibitions are jointly organised at the Việt Nam University of Fine Arts. Photo courtesy of Triệu Khắc Tiến

HÀ NỘI  Two exhibitions are taking place in parallel at the Việt Nam University of Fine Arts, showcasing art by both lecturers and students.

Hòa Sắc 20.11 (Colour Harmony 20.11) and Nghệ Thuật Vẽ Ánh Sáng Nơi Công Cộng (Light Painting Arts in Public Places) are parts of an annual activity to celebrate Việt Nam Teachers' Day on November 20 and to pay tribute to teachers of the Việt Nam University of Fine Arts and those working in the Vietnamese education sector.

The Colour Harmony 20.11 exhibition features 44 pieces by 35 painters who are lecturers of the fine arts university. The artworks are diverse in forms, from painting, graphics, sculpture to photography and installation art.

Most of them are created from traditional materials such as oil, lacquer, acrylic, silk or woodcut, while some others are the artists’ exploration of new materials like Japanese washi paper or new techniques such as digital painting or silver print techniques in photography. 

Through the distinctive perspective of each artist, the surrounding world appears in various forms. They might express passion for the endless beauty of life through works inspired by nature, such as Trần Xuân Bình with Nụ Hồng Ngọc Bích (Jade Rose Bud), Nông Tiến Dũng with Phong Cảnh Trung Du (Midland Landscape) or Lê Trần Anh Tuấn with Thu (Autumn).

Other works show the artists’ interest in human image, love of life or their delicate narratives like Vũ Xuân Tình’s Con Gái (Daughter) or Phạm Duy’s Em Bé Mông (Ethnic Mông Baby).

Held alongside the Colour Harmony exhibition, Light Painting Arts in Public Places exhibits 33 photographs by 14 students from the Faculty of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture at the university.

Utilising various light sources, the students recorded the diverse effects of light movement in public spaces at the courtyard of the fine arts university, Thống Nhất Park or Pasteur Garden.

The images are from a light painting workshop under the guidance of German artist Oscar Lebeck within the framework of a cooperation programme between the Việt Nam University of Fine Arts and the Goethe Institute Hanoi. 

"The exhibitions show a good sign that the university has become the space not only for studying but also creativity," said Lương Xuân Đoàn, president of the Việt Nam Fine Arts Association.   

"They also help students understand that creativity is also an opportunity to lay a solid foundation for the future of fine arts."

The exhibitions will last until November 21. VNS