Youth Theatre reimagines the classic Norwegian play 'Hedda Gabler'

July 28, 2022 - 09:03
The Youth Theatre of Việt Nam is set to reproduce Hedda Gabler, one of the great Norwegian writer Henrik Ibsen's outstanding works.

A scene from the classic Norwegian play 'Hedda Gabler,' as performed by the Youth Theatre. VNA/VNS Photo Minh Thu

HÀ NỘI — The Youth Theatre of Việt Nam is set to reproduce Hedda Gabler, one of the outstanding works of great Norwegian writer Henrik Ibsen.

Ibsen authored Hedda Gabler in 1890, and was the peak of his writing career.

Hedda Gabler, the play's protagonist, is a complicated lady who is willing to compromise her own freedom, the right to love, and the ability to live as she pleases in order to pursue her dreams and interests. The path of Gabler's life and the conclusion of her story both symbolise the position of a woman in a male-dominated society.

Grete Løchen, Norwegian Ambassador to Việt Nam, is delighted that one of Ibsen's famous plays will be staged by the Youth Theatre.

"The concerns that Henrik Ibsen raised in his works, while being written hundreds of years ago, are still relevant and timely today," she remarked.

Grete Løchen, Norwegian Ambassador to Vietnam, met with Youth Theatre artists. VNA/VNS Photo Minh Thu

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the beginning of diplomatic ties between Việt Nam and Norway (1971-2021) was postponed until this year.

The Ambassador believes that the play will serve as a new benchmark in the cultural collaboration between Norway, Việt Nam and Japan, as well as promote literary and aesthetic values among Vietnamese audiences.

The director of the Youth Theatre, Sĩ Tiến, said that producing Hedda Gabler is both a challenge and a goal for every art theatre in the world, since the play includes several levels of profound significance.

He said: "It is anticipated that the performance of the Youth Theatre will provide the audience a work of great artistic worth, showcasing the energy and grandeur of this dramatic legacy."

For this performance, Tsuyoshi Sugiyama, the director, will strictly adhere to the Japanese stage's exacting requirements for casting and dialogue analysis.

Sugiyama disclosed that he collaborated with the artists for two weeks in order to allow the actors to convey their sentiments about the characters without imposing his own viewpoints or biases.

"I can tell that the actors have a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and talent. As a director, your job is to showcase the actors' talents and draw attention to the project," he said.

Sugiyama does not feel out of place when working in Việt Nam, especially since he collaborated with the Youth Theatre on the Uncle Vanya play production.

"The language barrier is the biggest challenge for me. However, thanks to the friendliness and hospitality of Vietnamese artists, I have no difficulties in my work," he said.

A premiere date of September 2022 has been set for the play. After that, Hedda Gabler will participate in the 5th International Experimental Theatre Festival in November of this year in Hà Nội. VNS