Vietjet's 10 Airbus aircraft operating lease in 2019 honoured

July 01, 2020 - 15:40
The title is listed amongst the Annual Global Awards of the world prestigious aviation and aerospace finance industry magazine Airfinance Journal.


Vietjet's A321 aircraft under the deal recognised by Airfinance Journal. — Photo courtesy of Vietjet

HCM CITY — New-age carrier Vietjet has been honoured as the winner of the 'Operating Lease Deal of the Year' for its 10 Airbus aircraft operating lease in 2019.

The title is listed among the Annual Global Awards of the prestigious aviation and aerospace finance industry magazine Airfinance Journal.

The deal, which was signed between Vietjet and Novus Aviation Capital in July 2019, covers five aircraft (three A321s and two A321neos) delivered in 2019 while the five remaining aircraft are scheduled for delivery this year.

The award recognised Vietjet’s benefits from the transaction including the flexibility in financing structure, attractive pricing of the lease, repeat documentation, and aircraft delivery schedule.

“The award is an acknowledgement of Vietjet’s relentless efforts in aircraft financing activities, which sets a strong base for the airline’s sustainable investment and development of new and modern fleet in the coming years,” said Vietjet Vice President and CFO Hồ Ngọc Yến Phương.

Previously, Vietjet was the first Vietnamese carrier listed in the Top 50 airlines for healthy financing and operations for two consecutive years of 2018 and 2019 by Airfinance Journal. The presence in the list showed the airline’s positive finance and growth indicators among the top airlines worldwide.

Vietjet is striving to operate 90 aircraft with more than 118,000 flights and transport more than 20 million passengers by the end of 2020.

To this end, Vietjet will concentrate on carrying out cost-optimising solutions such as fostering its cargo service, aircraft purchase, diversifying credit loan solutions and expanding self-serving ground operations, and aim for the air transport, its core business, to reach a break-even point by the end of 2020.

The carrier will also continue to strongly grow its loyal customer base and boost the effectiveness of financial activities and applications on e-commerce platforms while digitally transforming operating systems and procedures by applying advanced management software and programmes in operation as well as thoroughly arranging flight routes and fleet.

During the meeting in HCM City late last week, Vietjet shareholders agreed to pay a dividend of 2019 up to 50 per cent per share. This is the result of the financial accumulation gained from the airline’s sustainable, safe and effective development recently. — VNS