Vinpearl – an ideal destination of foreign tourists during Tết holiday 2019

February 14, 2019 - 10:44
In the Lunar New Year 2019 (Tết), a number of foreign tourists chose to visit Việt Nam to see its interesting culture. Vinpearl is a destination that many customers chose because they can enjoy Eastern culture but still experience high-class Western services.

In the Lunar New Year 2019 (Tết), a number of foreign tourists chose to visit Việt Nam to see its interesting culture. Vinpearl is a destination that many customers chose because they can enjoy Eastern culture but still experience high-class Western services.

Why do Western tourists prefer luxury resorts during Tết?

In the mind of every Vietnamese person, Tết is an opportunity to reunite or travel with their families. Vietnamese people have the habit of spending the free days of Tết to rest after a long hard year. Because of this, many people think that tourists can travel to Việt Nam at any time of the year except for Tết holiday as at this time, the quality of services as well as worker’s attitude is not good. The shops are closed, the staff are on vacation, the food is not good but the price is expensive, therefore, the image of Vietnamese tourism in Tết holiday is quite negative.

Foreign visitors are therefore more cautious when travelling in Việt Nam at this time. They often accept high prices at resorts and luxury hotels to ensure attentive services. In tourist cities, Vinpearl is a destination chosen by many international tourists when visiting Việt Nam during Tết holidays for many reasons. Besides the high quality of service, the resorts also have many interesting activities during the new year. Besides, the quality of rooms, meals and guest care services are also a bonus that make Western visitors love Vinpearl.

Impressive multicultural festival

"I will not forget the impression of thousands of tulips, all types and shades, forming brilliant flower flaps: red, red velvet, red white border, red pink border, red orange, yellow, orange border, carrot orange, purple, white, pink ... at Vạn Hoa Hill, it is the most brilliant Tết I have ever experienced ", a tourist  who participated in ‘Tulip Festival’ held at Vinpearl Nha Trang on the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2018 shared.

To provide visitors with such impressive experiences, this Lunar New Year 2019, Vinpearl will organise festivals bearing the beauty of Việt Nam’s traditional culture, combined with cultural festivals of many countries in the world. Following the success of last year, this year, the Tulip Festival called ‘Tulips in Wonderland’ returns to Vinpearl Land theme park. Around thousands of tulip flowers will become a fairyland with giant butterflies and honey bees at the temperate greenhouse of Vạn Hoa Hill - Vinpearl Land Nha Trang. Visitors also have the opportunity to turn into a tiny person like Alice drinking a fairy pot as she walks amidst 3m high tulip models at the flower garden gate.

Visitors get lost in thousands of brilliant tulips at Vinpearl Nha Trang.

Besides the tulip festival space, visitors can explore the diverse botanical world at Vạn Hoa Hill such as: the space of meditation in Japanese Garden, a 250-year-old baobab tree and a 500-year-old olive tree appeared for the first time in Việt Nam at an African greenhouse. The emergence of super-plants is not only for entertainment but also for the purpose of preserving and bringing Vạn Hoa Hill to become a ‘living dictionary’ for those who like to explore. Visitors in the world come here to explore and experience a familiar festival atmosphere as in their own country.

Welcoming Tết in African style at Vinpearl Safari Phú Quốc.

Vietnamese and international tourists also experience traditional Tết festivals of three regions. Tourists will be immersed in the bustling festive atmosphere with art performance to welcome spring such as lion dance, playing card games and traditional Tết holiday games such as watching fortune telling and kite playing.

Vietnamese traditional culture such as making bánh chưng will also be recreated in Vinpearl’s modern space, bringing a traditional Tếtto many international tourists.

Luxury accommodation space

In addition to experiencing culture and festivals, Vinpearl has set up separate accommodation spaces suitable for many customers who come from different countries. Visitors from Russia and the Republic of Korea will rest in spacious rooms in lush private gardens with infinity pools overlooking the beach and five restaurants.

Vinpearl Nha Trang Resort has a beautiful sea view.


 Vinpearl Phú Quốc is brilliant at any time of the day.


Many tourists staying in Vinpearl in the traditional Tết holiday were very pleased with their trips. Nguyễn Thị Thúy Hằng, an employee of a multinational company in Hà Nội, shared: “Last Tết holiday, my family invited some international friends to Vinpearl Việt Nam to experience the traditional Tết holiday. Foreigners have complimented the traditional Vietnamese cultural activities and affirmed that this year they will continue to enjoy traditional Tết in Việt Nam”.

Many international visitors also agree with Hằng’s opinion.

James Kopenec, a tourist from the US said: “A lot of my friends have experienced Vietnamese Tết at Vinpearl and are very excited, so I booked flight tickets to Việt Nam for the whole family to Vinpearl during the Lunar New Year.”

Providing a new and multicultural atmosphere of Tết holiday, as well as providing a perfect vacation service, Vinpearl is an increasingly attractive destination for many domestic and foreign tourists during the traditional Tết holiday.