World-renowned 'blind box' toy empire set to land in Ba Na Hills

April 15, 2024 - 11:53
In the summer of 2024, POP MART - one of the most famous 'art toy' brands in the global market - will officially launch at Sun World Ba Na Hills (Đà Nẵng), with an artistic flagship store.

As a symbol of the globally famous intellectual property toy industry, POP MART has captivated customers worldwide with its creative and artistic toys, especially products in the 'blind box' which stimulates players' curiosity because of its mystery until the last minute.

Holding licences for more than 90 brands - including iconic names like DC Comics, Harry Potter, Disney Princess and Minions - and collaborating with renowned artists to design high-value art pieces, POP MART has evolved over its 14-year journey into a premium toy brand for young people with taste and passion for art around the world.

Designed with an artistic style and diverse themes, and utilising premium and durable materials, POP MART brings customers into a world of imagination with renowned cartoon characters, comic figures, and beloved animals.

Despite having a large fanbase in Việt Nam, POP MART has yet to establish a flagship store or branch to showcase and introduce this international brand. Therefore, the upcoming launch event of the first POP MART flagship store at Sun World Ba Na Hills (Đà Nẵng) this summer promises to help customers discover the original values of its 14-year heritage, along with shopping experiences that contribute to the global reputation of this brand.

The debut of luxury toys at Ba Na satisfies Vietnamese POP MART fans and enhances the allure of Sun World Ba Na Hills, a renowned tourist destination celebrated for its harmonious blend of natural beauty and boundary-pushing artistic creativity and architecture.

POP MART store model at Sun World Ba Na Hills inspired by French village architecture.

Situated in a prime location atop Ba Na Hills and boasting a spacious area with impressive interior architecture, POP MART at Sun World Ba Na Hills offers a journey of discovery into art and culture. The store's design draws inspiration from the distinctive cultural and artistic characteristics of a quaint French village.

The POP MART flagship store's space at Ba Na Hills is like a miniature art museum, where every corner tells a story and each displayed piece is a unique artwork awaiting exploration.

Store space resembling a miniature art museum.

Just by strolling around the store, visitors are captivated by a plethora of colours and shapes representing various aspects of the POP MART universe. They are then immersed in a world of unique artistic designs, from adorable characters to sought-after creative pieces such as Molly, Skullpanda, Labubu, Crybaby and Hirono.

Sharing insights into the exciting collaboration between POP MART and Sun World Ba Na Hills, Nguyễn Lâm An, Director of Sun World Ba Na Hills, highlights the alignment of ideals between the two brands. It is the relentless creativity and desire to bring unexpected joy to visitors.

An said: “With the inception of the POP MART flagship store at Sun World Ba Na Hills, visitors to Ba Na will enter a creative universe of game art - a universe in harmony with the classy and distinct values that Sun World Ba Na Hills has pursued for 15 years.

“Soon, we hope that there will be other suitable international brands converging in Ba Na, offering visitors truly quality and satisfying 'multi-in-one' experiences that are unparalleled anywhere else.”

Lunar Castle at Sun World Ba Na Hills.

Since its operation in 2009, Sun World Ba Na Hills has been beloved by domestic and international tourists for its breathtaking scenery like a fairyland and a fairytale world brimming with day and night experiences.

It features a romantic french village, picturesque flower gardens, captivating mini-shows, grand festivals, magnificent architectural structures and many other exciting discoveries.

Helios Waterfall.

In addition to the iconic Golden Bridge, Sun World Ba Na Hills now boasts many new world-class structures and products that continuously astound visitors, such as the Lunar Castle, Eclipse Square, Time Gate and Helios Waterfall.

The Golden Bridge - a famous icon that never loses its allure at Sun World Ba Na Hills.

The exciting collaboration between POP MART and Sun World Ba Na Hills marks the first appearance of this international toy brand in Việt Nam. It also signifies the first time POP MART has partnered with a global theme park.

On this occasion, Sun World Ba Na Hills is implementing the 'The descendants of the Dragon and the Fairy' stimulus programme with unprecedented discounts of up to 40 per cent for domestic tourists from April to December 2024.

With prices starting from just VNĐ550,000, visitors will have the opportunity to experience an exciting journey of discovery at the world's leading iconic tourist destination and enjoy the thrill of shopping for unique products from the premium toy brand POP MART in Việt Nam.