Hoa Linh Pharmaceutical established a "cosmetic pharmaceutical research center" on the occasion of its 21st anniversary.

November 16, 2022 - 09:00
In the long-term development plan of Hoa Linh Pharmaceutical, the establishment of Hoa Linh Cosmetics Pharmaceutical Research Center is the first step to realising the plan of innovation in research and production, creating the cosmetic and pharmaceutical products of the future with the mission of honoring Asian beauty.

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Hoa Linh Pharmaceutical Research Center was established to solve the problem: If you want to create a good product, you can't just follow the recipe, but you must selectively combine international scientific achievements with a specific understanding of people; and modernise the theories of traditional oriental medicine.

Sharing more about the reason for the establishment of Hoa Linh Cosmeceutical Research Center

Pharmacist Nguyen Thi Thuy Dung, Director of cosmetics and beauty care products, added: “Orientation to realise the aspiration of research and development of international quality pharmaceutical and cosmetic brands, on the basis of promoting the quintessence of traditional medicine, suitable for beauty needs, taking care of the body and body of Asians is the mission, vision that we decided from the beginning for the research center." Therefore, all projects of Hoa Linh Cosmeceutical Research Center are aimed at “the sustainability and balance of natural beauty”.

With the motto of taking expertise as the core value, each research project of the center is carried out by well-trained apothecaries in the field of cosmetic research and production, with long-term experience and enthusiasm for the profession. In addition, the center's projects will also have consultations with doctors and dermatologists from prestigious domestic and foreign hospitals.

The first task of Hoa Linh Cosmeceutical Research Center is to study the needs, behaviours, and habits of using cosmetics and skin care experiences of Vietnamese people.

Along with that, Hoa Linh Cosmetics Pharmaceutical Research Center also undertakes the responsibility of researching how climate and soil affect the characteristics of Asian skin.

Most importantly, Hoa Linh Cosmetic Pharmaceutical Research Center wishes to promote the research and development of cosmetic product lines, and aims to combine the quintessence of Vietnam's precious medicinal herbs and the world's advanced technology to achieve sustainable care, and a balance between outer beauty and inner health.

Following the successes achieved, Hoa Linh Pharmaceutical continues to launch Nguyen Vuong premium herbal shampoo for men and Ngoc Thao premium herbal shower gel.

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Newly launched products contribute to continuing the journey of creating a healthcare ecosystem and improving the quality of life of Vietnamese people of Hoa Linh Pharmaceutical.