Sun Air – The premium general airline launches its first luxury aircraft showcase with Gulfstream in Vietnam

November 06, 2022 - 14:39
On November 5th-6th, 2022, the world's most luxurious aircraft Gulfstream and Sun Group’s premium general airline Sun Air will hold an aircraft showcase (Airshow 2022) for the first time in Vietnam.

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The event takes place at Van Don International Airport (Quang Ninh) and will be limited to business guests and potential customers of the two brands.

Airshow 2022 marks an important milestone in the development of high-end aviation segmentation as well as in the development of international trade and luxury tourism in Vietnam, by bringing together the world's fastest, safest and most comfortable aircraft from Gulfstream - the airline chosen by global entrepreneurs and billionaires.

Visitors will be able to see two Gulfstream legends that have won numerous aviation awards: G600 and G650ER These are two types of aircraft with exceptional performance and high-speed capabilities, capable of flying farther and faster than any other aircraft, saving more than 50 hours of flight time per year with a Mach speed of 0.90 (1,103km/h), reaching the most technically demanding destinations with superb take-off and landing capabilities within exceptional range, setting performance, safety, and comfort standards.

Gulfstream G700

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Gulfstream also chose this event to launch the Gulfstream G700 jet for the first time in Vietnam and Asia. According to the airline's representative, the Gulfstream G700 is currently the leading jet in the business jet market today, with the longest, widest and tallest cabin, a maximum capacity of 19 passengers and five flexible living areas, including a large room, a kitchen area and a comfortable bathroom.

Mr. Wayne Oedewalt, Gulfstream's Senior Vice President of the Asia Pacific said: “Vietnam is rapidly developing and has the potential for continuous growth in the business aviation industry, as well as in aviation in general. With Gulfstream, we are constantly striving to provide the best flying experience for our customers. We are honored to be a part of Sun Air's journey to "elevate the elite" in the Vietnamese market, which is why Vietnam was chosen as the first destination in promoting the G700 to the Asian market.” 

Gulfstream G600 interior

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Airshow 2022 is regarded as a significant event in the field of global aviation and Vietnam aviation because this is the rare time that the famous airline Gulfstream has organised a separate aircraft showcase outside the scale of regular aircraft shows.

Reiner Suess, Sun Air Operation Director, said: “It was not easy for Gulfstream to agree to hold an aircraft showcase outside of its regular schedule of shows around the world. Therefore, this is a very special event, not only for Vietnam or Sun Air but also for Gulfstream."

Gulfstream's choice of Van Don as the destination for its aircraft showcase has also shown that Vietnam is a potential market for the high-end aviation industry. This showcase not only demonstrates the growing demand for high-quality flight services but also confirms that Vietnam is creating a new position in the international arena.

Airshow 2022, in particular, will create conditions to promote international commercial and trade activities, attracting foreign investors and entrepreneurs to Vietnam by connecting the Vietnamese market with one of the brands representing the world's high-end aviation industry.

For the tourism industry, this event once again confirms Vietnam's transformation from a low-cost to a luxury destination as assessed by Cruise Passenger Travel Magazine (Australia) that wrote: "Vietnam is an extremely appealing destination with a wide range of world-class luxury services."

Mr. Dang Minh Truong - Sun Group’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, added: "The exhibition is not only a special milestone for Sun Air in its journey to establish the brand of Vietnam's first premium general airline, but it is also an event that confirms Vietnam is becoming the world's new luxury destination. 

"We want to promote trade in the high-end market by bringing a famous global airline to reach potential customers, while also becoming a bridge to bring Vietnam to the world and the world's elite to Vietnam."

Sun Air is the first luxury general airline in Vietnam which launched in March 2022, offering personalised and specialised high-class flight services of two types: Commercial services and Private aircraft management and Charter flights, Sightseeing flight services. Six months after the launch, Sun Air was officially granted the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) on September 29th, 2022, with the scope of domestic and international operations, following verification to ensure full and absolute compliance with strict operating standards. Sun Air's first Gulfstream G650ER aircraft was officially put into service in September and October 2022 respectively, laying the foundation for the airline's outstanding speed, safety, and comfort fleet.

Along with Sun Air's solid first steps, Airshow 2022 keeps confirming Sun Group's pioneering vision, both in the field of luxury tourism and the potential general aviation segmentation, with the desire to contribute to the registration of Vietnam as a new bright spot in the global luxury market.