SSO's comeback concert 'Viva SSO! The Sun Rises Back'

October 25, 2022 - 11:32
On the evening of October 26th, 2022, at the Hanoi Opera House, the Symphony Concert "Viva SSO! The Sun Rises Back" will mark the official return of the Sun Symphony Orchestra after more than two years of separation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The special guest of this concert will be Russian-Vietnamese pianist Aylen Pritchin.

After the chamber concert on the evening of October 14th at the Vietnam National Academy of Music in the auditorium with a full audience, the Sun Symphony Orchestra - SSO will officially kick off the 2022 show season with a concert night titled "Viva SSO! The Sun Rises Back."

Revealing the works that the concert will bring to the audience on the evening of October 26th, the Main Conductor, Olivier Ochanine, said: "The program is a combination of the most popular orchestral works, from the famous opera Carmen to the beautiful Violin Concerto of Saint-Saëns with the attendance of the Russian-Vietnamese pianist Aylen Pritchin, as well as the joyful dances of the Slavonic Dance of the most famous composer in Bohemia - Antonin Dvořák."

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Under the direction of a talented conductor, the orchestra will perform with the violinist Aylen Pritchin - a Vietnamese-Russian who has won many prestigious international violin awards, such as First Prize at the Long-Thibaud-Crespin competition and is now highly appreciated by classical music lovers around the world.

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Opening the concert, the orchestra will select the Carmen Suites, including many excerpts and adaptations of Carmen Opera by the famous French pianist and composer - Georges Bizet. Then, under the context of southern Spain, they will offer the audience wonderful musical anecdotes from the country so loved by many French composers. This opera is considered the pinnacle of realistic opera art in France. With Latin music style throughout the season, the opera's music will be the perfect introduction for the orchestra's opening concert.

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With Les Toréadors, the Sun Symphony Orchestra seems to "rewind" to the audience not only the shinning time before the pandemic but also the difficult period of the orchestra in the "battle" to escape the pandemic. Besides, a charming Seguédille with the well-known Bohemian dance covers the full dance spirit for the Hanoi Opera House auditorium.

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The special "gift" that the orchestra gives to the first audience of this season is placed in the second part, which is the presence of the guest - the renowned pianist Aylen Pritchin, with the ensembles composed by the French composer, pianist, and organist, conductor, and art critic -  Camille Saint-Saëns. The marvellous 3rd violin concerto of Saint-Saëns promises to be the highlight making Aylen Pritchin shine together with the SSO orchestra with her "magic" violin sounds.

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The final part of the night will be the music of Antonin Dvorak, one of the first Bohemian composers to achieve glory through amazingly attractive dances, notably Slavonic dances. His music is rich in melody and emotion and highly aesthetic. Although the material he often uses is lively and engaging folk dances, he has highlighted the beauty of these dances in the form of tight, scaling, and delicate musical structures. The SSO Orchestra will introduce several dances from each set, showing his elegance, beauty, and contrasting style of dance music.

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Before the main show, to warm up the audience's love for symphony music in the capital, on the evening of October 14th, 2022, SSO also held a Chamber Concert which is free of charge for people - inspired by the form of "House Concert" of famous composers 200 years ago. The 700 seats at the Vietnam National Academy of Music were filled with symphonic lovers. In a cosy space, the groups of artists gave emotional "notes" to the audience, creating excitement and curiosity for the performances of the entire orchestra in such a large space as the Hanoi Opera House on October 26th.

The ticket price for "Viva SSO! The sun is back!" will range from VND 800,000 to VND 2,500,000. Only students are entitled to a discount of VND 150,000.

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