Heated debate on whether to allow traffic police to partially retain collected fines

May 25, 2024 - 09:05
Strengthening facilities, equipment and modernising traffic police force is necessary, but other sectors such as environment, market management also need to be paid attention, not only road traffic.
Tây Ninh Province's traffic police officers on duty. - VNA/VNS Photo

HÀ NỘI — The draft Law on Road Traffic Order and Safety was discussed at the ongoing session of the 15th National Assembly and a proposal which would allow traffic police to keep a significant portion of any fines that they collect.

However the proposal, which could see that money then put into a collective police fund, sparked a heated exchange among the deputies.

Nguyễn Thị Yến Nhi, vice chairwoman of Bến Tre Province People’s Council, said sanctioning administrative violations in various fields must comply with the Law on Handling of Administrative Violations.

“Why does this field have its own regulations in order to deduct a percentage of fines?” she asked.

She said strengthening facilities, equipment and modernising the traffic police force is necessary, but other sectors such as environment, market management also needed attention, not just road road traffic.

By contrast, deputy Phạm Văn Hòa from Đồng Tháp Province supported the plan to allow the police to keep any deduction, arguing that the traffic police have to work hard. However, there must be specific regulations on how much money they can deduct, not simply referred to as 'partially deducted'.

"Previously, the draft proposed deducting 70 per cent of the fines for traffic violations for the traffic police. Public opinion reacted due to such a high deduction," he said.

When that proposal for a 70 per cent deduction was withdrawn, with fears it might lead to the fines simply being increased, the word 'partially' had been put in instead.

When it faced fierce public debate afterwards, it was said it might lead to the fact that police will stiffen the fines, the 70 per cent proposal had been withdrawn and replaced by “partially”, he said.

Hòa said he strongly agrees with the proposal of establishing a fund to reduce traffic accidents, but that the money should come from sources outside the budget and from money recovered from those who caused death or injury by driving.

Another topic which was raised at the National Assembly was whether to adopt a zero tolerance ban on any drivers with any detectable alcohol level.

Trịnh Xuân An, standing member of the National Assembly National Defence and Security Committee, said the proposal has been welcomed by the majority of the deputies. — VNS