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Book released on defence of Vietnamese islands against Chinese invaders

Researcher Võ Hà has released the book 'Trường Sa 1988 – Hồ Sơ Một Sự Kiện Lịch Sử' (Trường Sa 1988 – A Dossier on a Historical Incident) on the protection and development of Trường Sa (Spratly) Archipelago of Việt Nam, focusing on the protection of Gạc Ma (Johnson), Colin and Len Đao reefs in Việt Nam’s Trường Sa Islands against Chinese invasion 33 years ago.


Locally made Agri-PV product introduced

The International Renewable Energy Expert, a local solar power cell producer, has introduced the first made-in-Việt Nam Agri-PV (Agriculture photovoltaic module) for dual-use solar energy agriculture projects in domestic and export market.


Lý Sơn Islands look for future ‘green’ growth

Lý Sơn Islands, 30km off the coast of Quảng Ngãi Province, should be transformed into a ‘green’ pearl in the ocean, a low carbon site, an international Geo-Park with vestiges of ancient volcanoes and a rich fishing culture.