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Secret on the mascot of SEA Games 31

Few people know that the SEA Games mascot – Sao La (the 'Asian unicorn') was first discovered in Vũ Quang National Park in the central province of Hà Tĩnh in 1992.

Life & Style

Black chicken a tasty speciality of the Mông ethnic group

Despite a thousand years of nomadic life, the Mông ethnic group in Điện Biên’s Tủa Chùa Village still considers black chicken a valuable part of many tasty dishes. The chicken, named Ka Đu in the Mông language, is always presented as a gift when children get married, said villager Giàng A Lùng.

Stricter measures needed to protect wild animals

Illegal trafficking of wild animals remains a problem in Việt Nam despite the efforts of the Government and wildlife preservation organisations. There has been a decline in the number of many precious, rare and endemic species, putting many of them at risk of extinction.