Photographer inspired by celebrated songwriter

Lâm Hạnh, a reporter at Thể Thao & Văn Hóa (Sports & Culture) newspaper, interviews photographer Dương Minh Long about his exhibition on celebrated late songwriter Trịnh Công Sơn, which ended earlier this month in HCM City. Long met Sơn in the 1990s and captured him in photos over 11 years before the latter's death on April 1, 2001.
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Singer uses music to spread positive vibes

Đinh Mạnh Ninh, a singer-songwriter who has been making music for more than a decade, first gained popularity with his heartfelt ballads about love. Recently Ninh made a comeback with a new, more up-to-date record in the genre of groovy and disco funk.
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Fusion part of modern circus evolution

After two years of stagnation due to the pandemic, performance art has been revived. Recently, the circus has made a strong comeback. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Vietnamese circus, People’s Artist Tống Toàn Thắng, vice director of the Việt Nam Circus Federation, talks to Ngô Minh about the plan to develop a national circus.
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Self-taught musical theatre artist lets his Imagi-nation soar

Nguyễn Hoàng Thiện (Jay Thiện Nguyễn) is a musical theatre performer who has come into his own over the last decade with performances in Việt Nam, Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt and other countries. A self-taught artist who honed his craft in local and international performing arts programmes, Thiện envisions driving social change through the arts.
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Taking the glitter off

Vietnamese divo Tùng Dương will hold a concert to celebrate his 20-year journey in music on November 25. The avant-garde singer talks with Thúy Hằng about the upcoming show and his family life.
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'Việt Nam is so dear to my heart': French author

Michel Bussi is a major figure in contemporary French literature due to the originality, unpredictability and extraordinary brilliance of his work. Many of his novels, including 'Don't Let Go', 'Black Water Lilies',  and 'The Other Mother', have been published in Việt Nam. He discusses his career and plans with Nguyễn Huy.
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Artist inspires love for traditional instrument

Nghiêm Thu is among the few musicians pursuing the traditional Vietnamese đàn tỳ bà (plucked four-string instrument) and one of the founding members of Cỏ Lạ Band, which has impressed audiences with their contemporary folk style.  She talks with Lương Hương.