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Bánh gối (pillow cake)

Update: April, 19/2020 - 08:07

With Nguyễn Huệ Thu, a member of Esheep Kitchen Family Group


Pillow cakes



To make the crust:

Wheat flour: 350gr
Sticky rice flour: 50gr

Plain milk: 180ml

Chicken eggs: 2

Salt, cooking oil, turmeric powder

To make the stuffing:

Mince 200gr

Shiitake mushrooms, wood ear mushrooms, glass noodles, pepper, slices of marinated Chinese sausage and boiled quail eggs.




- Mix the wheat flour and sticky rice flour together

- Add chicken eggs and milk and combine

- Allow to rest for 30 minutes

- Roll out the dough to 1mm thick

- Divide it into small round pieces with a diameter of 10cm

- To make the stuffing, cut all the ingredients into small pieces, except the boiled quail eggs, mix well with a little salt and pepper

- Brush egg yolk on the pastry

- Put the stuffing at the middle with an egg and shape the pastry into a pillow by folding in the edges

- Heat the cooking oil

- Fry the cakes until they are half-done

- Before the meal, fry the cakes again until they are crispy and yellow

When social distancing is over, you can buy homemade ’pillowcases’ at Lương Văn Can Street, downtown Hà Nội. The cakes can be served with aromatic herbs and dipped in sour and sweet sauce made of water, fish sauce, chilli, vinegar and sugar. VNS




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