'Thanh trà' grapefruit salad with squid and shrimp

November 12, 2023 - 07:44
With Chef Trần Công Phước from Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion
Thanh Trà pomelo salad with squid and shrimp

" Bưởi thanh trà", a type of grapefruit endemic to Huế, is popular for its distinctive sweet and sour taste. "Gỏi thanh trà" (or Thanh trà grapefruit salad) is among local signature dishes that have multiple flavours. The refreshing taste of the fruit, combined with grilled squid, shrimp, and mango sauce, creates a unique and delectable dish.

Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion Chef Trần Công Phước


For the salad

- 1 Thanh trà grapefruit

- 150g squid

- 100g shrimp

- Mint leaves

- White sesame seed

- Roasted peanuts

- Dried black sesame rice paper (grilled or not grilled)

- Fried garlic

- Fried shallots

- Fried shrimp crackers

For the sauce

- 1 ripe mango

- A pinch of lime zest

- Red chilli

- Coriander leaves

- Olive oil

- Minced garlic

- Salt

- Pepper


For the mango sauce:

- Peel and cut out the mango flesh

- Put the mango in a blender, then puree and mix with lime zest, chilli, coriander, minced garlic, lime juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper, the amount can be adjusted to taste.

For the salad

- Thoroughly clean the squid and shrimp to remove any fishy taste

- Cut the grapefruit into two halves, retain the skin in a bowl

- Trim the skin so that it looks like a 5-petal lotus flower (optional)

- Carefully remove the pulp of the fruit, then gently separate the pulp

- Boil or steam and peel the shrimp

- Cut the squid into bite-size pieces and grill until done

- Grill the black sesame rice paper, the amount can be adjusted to taste

- Add the mango sauce, gently mix the fruit s with shrimp, grilled squid, peanuts, white sesame, fried garlic and shallot, and mint leaves

- Place the salad into the fruit bowl


- The dish pairs perfectly with crunchy fried shrimp crackers

- It can be served as an appetiser. VNS