Fish-sauce chicken wings

April 02, 2023 - 08:18
With Chef Đào Anh Tuấn
Fish-sauce chicken wings

Fish-sauce chicken wings

Serves six

Time: 30 minutes


- Chicken wings: 1.5kg (or whole bird if you wish)

- Honey: 200g

- Anchovy fish sauce: 100ml

- Kumquat juice: 30ml

- Apple vinegar: 10g

- Fresh green pepper: 1tsp

- Onion: 100g

- Shredded lime leaves: 5g

- Red chilli: 10g

Chef Đào Anh Tuấn


- Chicken wings (or chop the bird into squares)

- Fry in heated oil at 80 degrees Celsius for three minutes, then take out of the oil

- Fry a second time, until the meat becomes crispy

- In a small bowl: mix well the honey, kumquat juice, fish sauce and apple vinegar, then pour on top of the fried chicken

- In a heated pot, add a tablespoon of oil, then quickly stir in the sliced onion, then add the chicken and the mixture, and finally add the sliced chilli and pepper


On a serving plate, place the chicken on top of a lettuce bed, and sprinkle the shredded lime leaves on top. Serve hot!