Gia Lai military helps underprivileged families before Tết

January 10, 2021 - 17:24

any underprivileged families in Gia Lai Province have received new houses to enjoy the coming Lunar New Year thanks to help from local military forces.

An underprivileged family in Gia Lai Province stands in front of a house being built for them with the local military forces’ assistance. — VNA/VNS Photo

GIA LAI — Many underprivileged families in Gia Lai Province have received new houses to enjoy the coming Tết (Lunar New Year) holiday thanks to help from local military forces.

Ksor Muon, soldier of Ayun Pa Town’s Military Command, said his family are busy moving into their new house.

Muon has served in the local army for nearly 20 years. He had to stay with his parents-in-law in a dilapidated temporary house in Chư Bang village, Krông Pa District.

His family of four were facing very difficult circumstances. Muon suffered with hepatitis and required long-term treatment, while his son had a congenital heart defect.

In mid-2020, sympathising with the difficult situation of his family, the Military Command of Gia Lai Province provided funds and soldiers of the Ayun Pa Town Military Command to help build a house for his family.

On the day of receiving the new house, his family was happy and all local villagers were excited to share the joy of new shelter with him.

Many neighbours brought wine, tea, chicken, and rice to congratulate his family on having a new home to celebrate Tết.

Muon said in tears: "I have never dreamed of having my own house to live in, let alone a permanent house.”

“The local military command helped my family to have a new home, I hope to repay their generosity with hard work and helping people.”

Siu Hlim, a 70-year-old veteran living in Bua Village, Đức Cơ District, and his family were also happy to receive a new house, funded by Colonel Lê Kim Giàu, Commander of the Gia Lai Province Military Command, and more than 300 workdays of provincial soldiers.

These are two out of five underprivileged families that have received houses thanks to the provincial Military Command’s assistance in 2020.

Also in 2020, units under the provincial Military Command helped 29 households by providing animals, seedlings, planting hundreds of cashew and coffee plants, as well as building roads.

In addition, the soldiers also helped ethnic minorities plant more than 2,000 trees and harvest five hectares of crops.

Handling the damage caused by recent storms, more than 1,600 soldiers were sent to help local people repair 100 houses, two schools, three communal houses, and 12 broken electric posts.

Colonel Lê Tuấn Hiền, Deputy Secretary of Gia Lai Provincial Military Command, said besides coordinating with the local authorities to ensure security and social order, the military units plan to celebrate Tết with local people. — VNS





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