Man sentenced to death for murdering three-year-old girl

October 13, 2022 - 19:07
Nguyễn Trung Huyên, 30, was prosecuted for murder and intentionally inflicting injury on Đ.N.A, the daughter of his girlfriend.
Nguyễn Trung Huyên in court. — Photo

HÀ NỘI — Hà Nội People's Court on Wednesday sentenced a man to death for the horrific abuse and murder of a three-year-old girl.

Nguyễn Trung Huyên, 30, was prosecuted for murder and intentionally inflicting injury on Đ.N.A, the daughter of his girlfriend.

The trial panel concluded that Huyên tortured the child five times and hammered nails into the little girl's skull. The victim's death was caused by various injuries.

“Huyên's behaviour was particularly serious, using horrific methods to try to kill the child, stirring great public concern," said Mai Văn Quang who chaired the panel.

Huyên was accused of torturing the child by making her drink tea laced with pesticide, putting industrial glue inside her nostrils, forcing her to swallow screws and beating her so badly that she broke her arm.

Huyên repeatedly tried to kill the child because he was annoyed with her behaviour and he wanted her out of his life so he wouldn’t have to care for her anymore.

The abuse began in September 2021 when Huyên moved into the home of his partner.

While she was at work, Huyên began the abuse, first stealing industrial strength glue and inserting it into her nostrils.

A few days later, the child was having trouble breathing and was admitted to Thạch Thất General Hospital where a doctor removed foreign objects from her nose.

In October 2021, the child was back in hospital, this time after vomiting at home. Huyên gave the child a bottle of lemon tea as a treat, but he had mixed pesticide into the drink.

She was released from hospital but the following month complained of pains in her mouth and after an x-ray it was discovered she had a screw in her digestive system.

Huyên then forced the child to swallow two screws.

In December, the toddler was again back in hospital, this time with a broken arm, which Huyên caused while beating her.

The following month the child felt dizzy and had difficulties standing, so was taken to Thạch Thất General Hospital's Emergency Department where she eventually went into a coma.

X-ray and CT scan results revealed the baby had nine nails piercing in her skull so deep, they had reached tissue of her brain.

She eventually died on March 12.

The court also concluded that there is not enough evidence to prosecute the child's mother who appeared to have no knowledge of the abuse.

Huyên was required to pay more than VNĐ400 million in compensation for the victim's family. — VNS