Blood donation coordinator in Tây Nguyên helps patients in need

May 11, 2022 - 11:31

Lê Văn Bình is a coordinator for a blood donation club in Tây Nguyên, where he has made it his life's calling to convince more people to donate life-saving blood. 


Lê Văn Bình (first, right) guiding blood donors at the hospital. Photo

TÂY NGUYÊN - Lê Văn Bình is a coordinator for a blood donation club in Tây Nguyên, where he has made it his life's calling to convince more people to donate life-saving blood. 

Binh, 35, resides in Ea Kao Commune, Buôn Ma Thuột City, Đắk Lắk Province and has donated blood 50 times over the past 10 years.

Bình has been busy over the past few days at the testing room of the Tây Nguyên region’s General Hospital, helping to guide people donating blood.

He said: “As the coordinator of the blood donation club, I am also the focal point for connecting blood donors and recipients.

“Many nights, when I am sleeping, I heard the phone ring to give me news that the hospital has a patient in urgent need of blood. I call the blood donors to come immediately.

“I also go to the hospital myself, in case unexpected situations happen, I will provide timely support.”

In some cases, blood donors who lived far away were still willing to go to the hospital to give blood right away. Some bring their children with them.

He has a list of about 60 blood donors stored on his phone.

Bình has joined the club nearly ten years ago, but for the past year has taken on the role of coordinator, in charge of matching up blood donors and hospitals in the Tây Nguyên (Central Highlands) region.

In emergency cases, he directly calls blood donors. Normally, when receiving news from hospitals, Bình posts on the club's page to call on donors.

When the COVID-19 pandemic was more complicated several months ago, he understood the scarcity of blood, the difficulties at hospitals and medical treatment, and the many patients on the line between life and death.

On average, he coordinated about 40 blood donors every day. Some days, this number was doubled.

He alone was busy coordinating blood donors, making lists, and helping them with procedures at the hospital.

“Although I do not receive any allowance, seeing patients overcome illness, stay healthy, and send sincere thanks to me, made me happy.”

“I will try to arrange the housework and personal job so that I can keep with this meaningful work for a long time.”

Lương Thị Dung, from Ea Wy Commune, Ea H'leo District, said her eight-month-old son needed regular blood transfusions to survive.

"Through the Tây Nguyên region's blood donation club, we found a donor to help him,” the mother said.

“I am very grateful and happy.”

Bình said in 2021, there was a young man in Ea H'leo District, who suffered third-grade marrow failure and required a platelet transfusion to save his life.

Bình donated platelets to him for 10 months, but the patient passed away.

“When I received the news, I felt sad and helpless,” he said sadly.

He said, at first, his parents objected because he was working at a hair salon and helping the family raise fish.

But now they understand and support his charity work.

Early every morning, he helps his mother transport fish to the market before going to the hospital to coordinate blood donors.

In the evening, he returns home. Some days, if there is an emergency case he stays at the hospital until late at night.

Bình said: "There are many ways that each person can contribute to charity. Others and I have chosen to donate blood to save lives.” VNS