Việt Nam to further promote economic diplomacy in Switzerland

June 03, 2024 - 18:54
The Vietnamese Embassy in Switzerland and the Swiss-Vietnamese Economic Forum (SVEF) plan to organise several events at the University of Zurich from June 3 to June 4.

GENEVA - In an effort to enhance economic diplomacy for national development and to strengthen Việt Nam-Switzerland cooperation in trade, investment, finance, innovation, and education, the Vietnamese Embassy in Switzerland and the Swiss-Viet Economic Forum Organisation (SVEF) plan to organise several events at the University of Zurich from June 3 to June 4.

According to the announcement, a seminar on Việt Nam-Switzerland education and training cooperation will take place on June 3, with the participation of several universities, educational institutions, and enterprises from both Việt Nam and Switzerland. These entities are interested in human resource training and seeking opportunities for collaborative projects and joint training programs between Vietnamese and Swiss partners.

After the seminar, the 2024 Swiss-Viet Economic Forum event will be held on June 4, with approximately 200 delegates from governmental agencies, local authorities, associations, investment funds, and businesses from both countries attending. The forum will be conducted both in-person and online, focusing on four main topics: policies to promote trade, investment, and development in key sectors; the role and potential of strategic industries; opportunities for Việt Nam-Switzerland cooperation in finance; startup investment.

For more than half a century, the bilateral relationship between Việt Nam and Switzerland has developed comprehensively across all fields including politics, diplomacy, trade, investment, culture, education, and training. Among these, trade and investment cooperation are two crucial pillars in the relationship between the two countries, with substantial room for further development.

The forum aims to foster trade, investment, education, and innovation cooperation among ministries, local authorities, and businesses of both countries. The executive board of the Việt Nam-Switzerland Economic Forum includes representatives from reputable Swiss businesses and renowned experts from the Vietnamese community in Switzerland working in economics, trade, finance, law, and education. VNS