Exclusive Music & Beer Fest hold in Phú Quốc Island

November 08, 2022 - 11:54

Island Splash festival to be held on Phú Quốc Island

PHÚ QUỐC ISLAND – Pullman Phú Quốc Beach Resort and Tuborg have teamed up for the very first Island Splash music and beer festival.

The one-day-only event takes place on Saturday, November 12, at the heart of Pullman Phú Quốc Beach Resort – an award-winning resort.

Hosted on the southwest coast approximately 15 minutes from the island’s downtown, Island Splash is the perfect escape for music ravers who crave to experience electronic dance music and interact with guest singers amidst state-of-the-art settings.

Locals and visitors are free to join and experience a series of exciting activities and live music performances from Dj Justin James, Jackie Njine and Mai Ngô.

Locals and visitors also have the opportunity to receive gifts from Pullman Phu Quoc and Tuborg resorts when participating in the event.

The event also marks the impressive transformation of the Tuborg brand which launches Tuborg ICE in Việt Nam.

Cold brewed at -1 degrees Celsius to retain the specific natural flavors of hops and barley, Tuborg ICE impresses consumers with its refreshing and smooth taste. With a transparent bottle design, a youthful, trendy new look and a modern pull-off cap, Tuborg ICE promises to strike a special chord with dynamic young Vietnamese people.  VNS


Caption: The one-day music and beer festival held by Pullman Phú Quốc Beach Resort and Tuborg will be free for locals and visitors on November 12.