East Chen Consultancy launches Chinese metaphysics Super App set eyes on booming online trends across SEA

November 03, 2020 - 09:57
East Chen Consultancy launches Chinese metaphysics Super App set eyes on booming online trends across SEA

SINGAPORE- Media OutReach - 3November 2020 -  East ChenConsultancy, a modern-effective and fast-results locally known brand in FengShui and Chinese Metaphysics, today announced the launching of its Super App --Feng Shui Bao Di, a mobile app encompassing features such as online BaZicalculator, daily Feng Shui and Zodiacs, booking of express BaZi readings andFeng Shui consultations.

The mobileapps are available for download in both Android and Apple app stores for free. E-commercefeatures are also supported in the app where users can browse for products andcheckout with Credit Card integrated payment gateway via Stripe within the app.In view of the global pandemic trends, all orders will be then fulfilled anddelivered contactless.

Being thefirst in the industry to offer such features and services over the mobile apps,East Chen Consultancy is in active collaboration with Calvin Seng Co, Singapore's leading mobileapp and web development agency to provide continuous development and technicalsupport to the users.

"We aresetting our eyes on the booming online trends due to the pandemic where thereis an increasing demand of digital services and e-Commerce goods. We areinspired to capture more active users across South East Asia as Internet hasprovided us a good opportunity to leverage on which is not viable through traditionalbusiness models." said the Principal Feng Shui master, Wesley Lim.

With overactive 4,500 followers on social media, this is not the first digitalinitiative launched by the forward-thinking Chinese metaphysics master. EastChen Consultancy is also offering BaZi reading and Feng Shui consultationonline over Zoom at scheduled times to enable individuals and businesses reachtheir potentials and introducing positivity even during the difficult times ofpandemic.

Interestedusers can download the app at https://eastchenconsultancy.com/app-download.

About East Chen Consultancy

East Chen Consultancy FengShui Master Singapore is known for its Modern, Effective & Fast ResultsAssistance to our clients. Moving away from superficial analysis&  judge one's potential only by thy character; Master Wesley enableshis customers to know their True Potential and the Exact Prime Time (GoldenYears) down to hours to push for their Success in life.

A Professional Consultancy supporting its Internationalcustomers from the Singapore & Malaysia offices, East Chen deploysModern, Effective, Fast Results & Customized Technics in all Feng Shui &Bazi cases. Proven technics such as,  "Flying Stars", "Yi Jing","Fu Yuan", "Elements" & more are used to ensure the best combinedsolution are in place.

Nothing Religious will be involved where everything is blending one's& the environment's "Ying Yang" with Five Elements. Visible changeswill be there once the right practices as advised were applied in your everydaylife.

East Chen Consultancy, a Professional FengShui and Bazi Metaphysics Consultation Company you can trust!