China Zhongwang New Contract with Jaguar Land Rover

October 08, 2018 - 13:21
China Zhongwang New Contract with Jaguar Land Rover

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - October8, 2018 - China Zhongwang Holdings Limited ("ChinaZhongwang" or the "Company", together with its subsidiaries the"Group", stock code: 01333), a world-leading fabricated aluminiumproducts developer and manufacturer, announced that it has entered into acontract with Jaguar Land Rover. The Group will supply qualityextrusion products to Jaguar Land Rover's British company as a Tier-1supplier. This relationship is the first collaboration between thetwo companies, and marks the Group's first foray into the supplychain of automakers outside China.


A long-time key supplier ofaluminium products for Chinese high-speed trains, China Zhongwang hasstayed committed to propelling the light-weight development in transportationsector and has accumulated valuable experience from aluminium alloying towelding techniques, to expand the applications of aluminium in the automotive industry. Withits one-stop solutions in design, research and development("R&D"), production and assembly, the Group has developed andsupplied numerous aluminium solutions for a number of renowned Chineseautomakers. China Zhongwang is the exclusive supplier of thealuminium-intensive car body for both Chery's electric car "eQ1"model, and "QiantuK50", the electric sports car newly-launched byCH-Auto Technology this August.


Mr. Lu Changqing, Chairmanand President of China Zhongwang, said, "With its solid strength, the Grouphas become a Tier-1 supplier to Jaguar Land Rover, signifying anotherachievement in exploring high-end applications of aluminium. ChinaZhongwang's advantage lies in its comprehensive R&D capabilities, capacitythat covers the entire production process, and thorough quality control system,which ensure its product performance meets the highest standard in theindustry. We will maintain close collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover topresent the best products to the market."


As energy saving andemission reduction are being promoted worldwide, the green policies are shapinga rosy outlook for the light-weight development in the automotiveindustry. The Group is widely recognised for its integrated light-weightsolutions which help customers lower R&D costs and enhance productivity.The Group has been actively engaging with automakers and componentsuppliers around the world to explore the potential market opportunitiestogether and jointly promote the light-weight development of the automotiveindustry.


About China ZhongwangHoldings Limited


China Zhongwang is thesecond largest industrial aluminium extruded products developer andmanufacturer in the world and the largest in Asia. The Group provides amyriad of quality fabricated aluminium products and offers integratedlight-weight solutions for such downstream sectors and fields as ecologicalconstruction, transportation, machinery and equipment and electric powerengineering.


With shared resources, theGroup's core businesses, namely industrial aluminium extrusion, aluminium flatrolling and further fabrication have achieved synergistic development. In 2017,the Group expanded its business presence in the transportation sector byacquiring Aluminiumwerk Unna AG., a leading aluminium extrusion manufacturer,and Silver Yachts Ltd., a large-scale all-aluminium superyacht builder, tappinginto the end-use manufacturing in the marine sector as well. Having builtexcellent teams of research and development, technology and design, the Groupis able to provide one-stop light-weight solutions covering independent design,manufacturing, fabrication and after-sales services. Looking ahead to thefuture, the Group will continue to promote the applications of high-endfabricated aluminium products, aiming to offer light-weight solutions to thesociety so that people can live a quality life with low energy consumption.


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