DIGICCY finance is coming

September 28, 2018 - 14:48
DIGICCY finance is coming

HONG KONG, CHINA Media OutReach - 26 September 2018 As Internettechnology transmits information, the blockchain technology transfers values.At present, the blockchain technology has achieved small range of applicationsin banking, insurance, securities and other financial sectors, and isreconstructing a new ecosystem for digital finance.


Positioned as asecure "blockchain + finance" bank specialized in digital asset investment,supported by shareholders from securities, banking, lease, IT, investmentbanking and capital sectors, Mars Digital Asset Bank has now concludedconsensus with investment funds, licensed consortiums, mines and major dealers,with its cooperative scale reaching USD 10 billion. It is committed to enablingblockchain value circulation by providing sufficient liquidity for theplatform.

As an innovative financial ecosystem,Mars Digital Asset Bank is expected to have over 300,000 registered users,business profit of USD 18.65 million and net profit of USD 7.92 million by theend of 2018. Calculated as per 15 times the bank's PE rate, the estimated value of MarsDigital Asset Bank is about USD 119 million. Inresponse to capital requirements on technical security, global promotion, teambuilding, license applying and provisions for banking turnover, Mars DigitalAsset Bank plans to release 8% of its total shares to raise USD 9.5 million inthe first phase of offering. With the upgrade of the blockchain technology,Mars Digital Asset Bank will embrace more new business models and enjoy apromising future.


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