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Young comic actresses perform in new sitcom

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A scene in Công Ty Osin Quốc Dân, a new sitcom featuring young women, will air on Thursday and Friday at 10:30pm on Hồ Chí Minh CityTelevision. Photo courtesy of the producer

HCM CITY Công Ty Osin Quốc Dân (Housekeepers), a new sitcom featuring young women, will be released this weekend to serve audiences during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The 50-episode show stars young comic actresses Lê Lộc and Uyển Ân of HCM City who are a major draw for young people.

They play rural villagers from the Mekong River Delta region and work as housekeepers for a rich family. The show takes place in the big house of a businessman.

Actress Ân had a role in Bố Già (Old Dad), a highly viewed web drama in Việt Nam produced by famous comedian Trấn Thành.

The five-episode Bố Già has attracted more than 90 million views, and ranked number 1 on trending on YouTube in Việt Nam after the show premiered on January 2.

“During the filming of Công Ty Osin Quốc Dân, I spent time chatting with the director and film staff, including Meritorious Artist Lê Thiện and veteran actor Quốc Thái, to improve my role,” said Ân, who began her career two years ago.  

According to the film’s director Quốc Thuận, the appearances of new comic actresses Ân and Lê in Công Ty Osin Quốc Dân will contribute to the film’s popularity.

“I allow my actors to improvise as needed, often replacing situations written in the script with things that occur at the studio,” he said.   

Director Thuận, also a comic actor, has performed in several TV shows, including La La School and Văn Phòng Ma Nữ (Devils at Office) by HCM City Television.

“Making sitcoms is much more difficult than television dramas. They are very short but must be funny every minute,” said Thuận, adding that he hopes Công Ty Osin Quốc Dân will be a successful show. 

“Sitcoms attract audiences who want to take a break after a busy day and be entertained with light-hearted stories.”

In recent years, sitcoms have replaced other programmes on television. Private film studios have worked with state-run television stations to produce sitcoms with scripts by Vietnamese writers.

The first sitcom, Lẵng Hoa Tình Yêu (Love Flower Basket), by HCM City Television Film Studio and its South Korean partner, was released in 2000 and started a sitcom trend in the industry.

Công Ty Osin Quốc Dân will air on Thursday and Friday at 10:30pm on HCM City Television’s HTV7 channel. VNS



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