Artist launches new song for Trường Sa

June 12, 2024 - 09:09
Singer and musician Đông Triều visited the Trường Sa (Spratly) archipelago and the DK1 offshore platform recently. Based on his experience, he composed a new song entitled Sing for You - Soldiers in Trường Sa Island.
Singer-musician Đông Triều. — Photo

Singer and musician Đông Triều visited the Trường Sa (Spratly) archipelago and the DK1 offshore platform recently. Based on his experience, he composed a new song entitled Sing for You - Soldiers in Trường Sa Island.

Sài Gòn Giải Phóng (Liberated Sài Gòn) reporter Tiểu Tân talks with Triều about his trip.

Is this the third time you have visited Trường Sa and the DK1 platform?

I'm still as emotional as I was in the first time I went there. I remember the first time I visited the island and saw with my own eyes the strong spirit and determination of the people and naval soldiers, who have overcome countless hardships in the Cô Lin, Đá Lát and Tốc Tan C islands.

My colleagues and I sing with our hearts to send all the best sentiments from the mainland, providing great encouragement and spiritual support for the soldiers.

The last two times, we could not reach the DK1 platform due to bad weather. So we just sang through walkie-talkies. Luckily, this time we visited the soldiers who are tasked with protecting the sovereignty of our national sea, islands and continental shelf and sang directly for them on the platform.

Could you introduce your new composition and tell us what message the song conveys?

When our group visited Núi Le B Island, the soldiers sat down with us and we sang together. It was relaxing. Suddenly, I don't know exactly when, I started humming a tune to myself. I immediately recorded it on my mobile phone. I completed the new song when we reached the last destination, the DK1/17 platform.

The song Sing for You - Soldiers in Trường Sa Island carries sentiments of love from people on the mainland and brings the warmth of the mainland to Trường Sa.

Hopefully, it is a spiritual gift for the soldiers. I have already composed two other songs the first time I visited Trường Sa in 2018.

How has Trường Sa inspired you to compose songs, and what have you experienced in the thousand-mile journey to the islands?

Trường Sa gives me strong emotions. When arriving at the archipelago, I feel proud of our homeland surrounded by the vast sea and sky.

Seeing the wide stretches of coral beaches, it can be difficult to put into words the feeling of seeing firsthand the magical beauty that nature has bestowed on Việt Nam.

After the long voyage, I became more mature and my point of view is also more positive. When I see the determination of the soldiers to safeguard each metre of land at the corner of the nation's islands, I find that I need to put more effort into making small contributions to our national construction and development. I have also changed the way I sing songs about the nation's seas and islands.

Singer and musician Đông Triều and a soldier in West Reef B Island. — Photo

The sea and islands have become a familiar topic and inspiration for many artists. What do you do to popularise your work for audiences?

With the rise of digital music platforms and social networks like YouTube, TikTok and Facebook, audiences including young people get instant access to new songs.

I plan to complete an arrangement, orchestration and record to launch on digital music platforms and social networks. I am going to make an album about the seas and the islands. I hope it will be completed soon.

Why do you choose to compose and sing patriotic songs?

Young artists have their own path. Many of them do well with trendy music. I am loyal to patriotism-themed pop and contemporary folk music genres.

Patriotic songs can have very picky listeners. So it can be difficult to make these songs popular. However, I know how to make good use of the songs' strong points to entertain the audience. I think that patriotic songs are immortal.

Music is a widespread and spiritual nourishment for each different listener. I try my best and make strong efforts in my professional life.

I have been invited to sing patriotic songs at shows. It is good. The sentiment of the audience is an encouragement to make me confident in my path.

You are currently participating in the first season of Việt Nam's Imprint. What do you expect from the show?

The show is just beginning. Although I am a singer, I am still nervous in the role of contestant. Hopefully I will develop my career after the show and confirm my role as a singer of patriotic songs. — VNS