Peaceful Trường Sa archipelago

June 02, 2024 - 07:52
The Trường Sa (Spratlys) is not only an archipelago with a vital geostrategic position but a sacred symbol of national sovereignty over Việt Nam's seas and borders.
The lighhouse on Đá Tây B (West Reef B) Island. VNA Photos Huỳnh Anh

The Trường Sa (Spratly) Archipelago is Việt Nam's first island district in the south central province of Khánh Hòa. It is located in the south of the East Sea (internationally known as South China Sea) about 480km from Cam Ranh peninsula. It is not only an archipelago with a vital geostrategic position but a sacred symbol of national sovereignty over Việt Nam's seas and borders.

During the sunny days of May, the Trường Sa Archipelago becomes even more magnificent with its tranquillity and vibrant life. The deep blue sea and sky, gentle ocean, and friendly faces of Trường Sa residents arouse strong emotions in all who visit.

Every year, Navy officers and men stationed on the Trường Sa archipelago receive delegations from mainland that bring the sentiments of the Party, the State and the entire people to the beloved islands.

Trường Sa consists of over 100 large and small islands, reefs, coral reefs and is surrounded by a vast sea area. With a sea area of 180,, the archipelago divides into eight clusters including Song Tử, Loại Ta, Thị Tứ, Nam Yết, Sinh Tồn, Trường Sa, Thám Hiểm, and Bình Nguyên.

Navy men on the An Bang Island take care of a vegetable garden.

Several islands have schools, clinics and concrete roads. On the main Trường Sa Island, many communes such as An Bang, East Trường Sa, Phan Vinh, Nam Yết and Sơn Ca have been covered with green trees.

The navy men stationed on the submerged islands, such as Đá Lát, Thuyền Chài, Đá Tây, Tiên Nữ and Tốc Tan, have improved on their food rations by growing organic vegetables and raising chickens and pigs. Vegetables have been cultivated on vacant land, in the mud or in small gardens.

SAFE PASSAGE: A navy signalman is on daily duty.

Navy officers and men stationed on those islands are optimistic, cheerful, and in high spirits, ready to protect the Motherland.

Platform DK1, which forms a cluster of Vietnamese economic and technical services built on the archipelago, has been standing firm for the past 35 years thanks to the dedicated efforts of officers and soldiers protecting the country’s national sovereignty and territorial waters. VNS

BRIGHTEST BLUE: Located in the Trường Sa Archipelago, the Sinh Tồn (Sin Cowe East) Island is among three communes and township of Trường Sa Islands District, in the south-central province of Khánh Hòa.
LITTLE STARS: Children of families living in Trường Sa archipelago are playing in front of their school, showing the vitality in the archipelago.