Cửa Đại Beach to kick start month-long Summer Fest  

June 12, 2024 - 06:06
Children aged from five to ten, will be racing in the ‘Kids Run’ in the Children Summer Camp on Cửa Đại Beach in the ancient town on June 15, heralding the start of the Hội An Summer Festival.


Cửa Đại Beach in Hội An will be hosting a series of programmes for the Summer Festival from June 15. Photo courtesy of Hội An City's Sports and Culture Centre

HỘI AN — Youngsters aged five to ten will be racing across the beach in a ‘Kids Run’ in the Children Summer Camp on Cửa Đại Beach in the ancient town on June 15, to kick off the Hội An Summer Festival.

Festival organisers said the children will be running 1km and 1.5km events on the beach in the morning as a prelude of the opening ceremony of the beach festival in the afternoon on the same day.


Folk Games is one of many cultural and sports activities on Cửa Đại Beach during the Summer Festival in Hội An between June and July. Photo courtesy of Hội An City's Culture and Sports Centre

Cửa Đại beach – five kilometres from the old quarter of Hội An – will be a main destination for all beach activities between June 16 and July 21.

Local performers will be staging a ‘Folk Dance’ show on beach stage at 5.30pm

Yogi will demonstrate the Yoga Exchange every Sunday morning from June 15 to 21 to breathe in the sea air and enjoy the pristine white sandy beaches.

Artists and craftsmen will fly their kites on beaches of Cửa Đại, An Bàng and the Trà Quế rice fields every Saturday and Sunday.

A women’s beach soccer tournament and an underwater Tug of War for tourists will be organised on An Bàng and Tân Thành beaches – a favourite rendezvous for visitors and expats.

The festival organising committee will also be launching the ‘National Action Month against domestic violence’ and ‘Family Connection’ on June 16.


Artists perform local folk art in Hội An ancient town. Series of sports and entertainment programmes are scheduled on beaches of Cửa Đại and An Bàng. Photo courtesy of Hội An City's Culture and Sports Centre

The Chàm Islands, off the coast of Hội An, will host the ‘Coral Summer Camp’ and ‘Firmiana flower’ in celebration of the 15th anniversary of UNESCO-recognised Chàm Islands-Hội An World Biosphere Reserve site.

Visitors will be able to enjoy a series of entertainments including music, food and sports on the beach in the fishing community in An Bàng through July.

Tân Thành Flea Market will be on every Saturday and Sunday in July, with everyone welcome to browse organic farm-produce, handmade crafts and second-hand goods on sale from morning to evening on Nguyễn Phan Vinh Street in the fishing community.


Tân Thành flea market offers organic farm produce and handmade crafts every Saturday and Sunday at Tân Thành fishing community. Photo courtesy of Tân Thành flea market 

Since 2022, the market has been the first 'Zero Plastic Waste’ and waste recycle community in Hội An.

The ancient town has introduced a new tour service exploring the 500-year carpentry Cẩm Kim Village on the Hoài River bank.

Last year, Hội An joined the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) for its crafts and folk art. VNS