Artist tells stories of life through abstract art

October 17, 2022 - 07:17
Nearly four years after her first solo exhibition, titled Bên Ngoài Cửa Sổ (Outside the Window), artist Thủy has returned to present art lovers with a new abstract collection.
Painter Vũ Bích Thủy is pictured with one of her works. Photos courtesy of the artist

HÀ NỘI - Painter Vũ Bích Thủy has opened her solo exhibition Vị Nhiệt Đới (Tropical Taste) in Hà Nội showcasing 36 new abstract paintings on canvas.

Nearly four years after her first solo exhibition, titled Bên Ngoài Cửa Sổ (Outside the Window), Thủy has returned to present art lovers with a new abstract collection.

In this exhibition, Thủy paints slowly with each strike of colour, showing memories and emotions about life.

"Maybe, my painting is something that is always on the edge of the current flow, something that the public will not care about, but who knows, at some point, my painting will touch inner parts of some people, bringing them peace," Thủy said.

The more time she has, the more deeply she thinks about the meaning of painting and finds that the artistic path is long and challenging. On the path that has only colours and lines, the artist can be either liberal or superficially stuck within herself.

The paintings are in two main sizes: 150cm by 100cm and 79cm by 129cm. Almost all of her paintings have been changed a lot compared to the original plan. Initial emotions determine the composition of the picture, but many later considerations make the painting different in colour, space and depth of reflection.

'Mái xanh' (Green Roof), a painting displayed at 'Tropical Taste' exhibition.

The artist's greatest hope with Tropical Taste is to convey to viewers a subtle and profound vibration showing scenes of life and people that the artist has seen, heard, received and reproduced on canvas in her own style.

But the name of the exhibition was not chosen by herself from the beginning. Painter Nguyễn Xuân Tiệp, the first person to see the collection at Thủy’s studio, commented: "I see a very tropical feeling in it."

From here, the artist came up with the name for the second exhibition.

Thủy said she prefers unexpected beauty to arranging her work beforehand. For her, creativity is a process of constantly searching for new ideas.

Some people may wonder if a painter like Thủy who trained for years abroad, would tend to be influenced by Western style.

She said: “Abstract painting language does not have pictures, nor does it represent any country that anyone can feel. So don't judge the work from where it comes from, just feel if it's beautiful or not."

For Thủy, painting has been a difficult journey. If a picture is not pleasing to the eye of the author, she will definitely start over. As a result, her creation process takes up a lot of time and is not always exciting.

"Sometimes when I feel bored, the more I draw, the more difficult it becomes," she said.

Thủy was born and raised in Hà Nội. She graduated with a master's degree from the Universitat der Kunste Berlin (Berlin University of the Arts), Germany in 1996. It is the largest art university in Europe with a history dating back to 1869.

While studying in Berlin, she participated in a number of exhibitions organised by the Seagull Foundation for the Arts, the International Women Space and Creative Art Camp in Neubrandenburg.

After returning to Việt Nam, she took part in a number of group exhibitions in Hà Nội and HCM City. She has participated in many art events in Việt Nam and other Asian countries including Singapore, Thailand and Japan.

The exhibition lasts until October 19 at Art Space, 42 Yết Kiêu Street, Hoàn Kiếm District, Hà Nội. VNS