Cellist Xuân to perform in Hà Nội with Bucharest Symphony Orchestra

October 11, 2022 - 08:57
Cello Fundamento is an annual event that was started in 2016 by cellist Xuân to bring symphonic music closer to Vietnamese audiences.
Cellist Đinh Hoài Xuân will perform with the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra in Hà Nội on November 15. Photo courtesy of Cello Fundamento

HÀ NỘI Talent cellist Đinh Hoài Xuân is bringing classical music to new audiences through a concert called Cello Fundamento 6 with the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra on November 15 at the Hà Nội Opera House.

Cello Fundamento is an annual event that was started in 2016 by cellist Xuân to bring symphonic music closer to Vietnamese audiences.

It delicately blends the cello with other instruments, such as piano, violin, or symphony orchestra. The annual concert is indispensable for talented Vietnamese and international artists who have achieved many prestigious achievements and awards in classical music.

"The concert is organised because of my love for classical music. In this project, we try our best to introduce this genre of music to as many Vietnamese people as possible," Xuân said.

"I believe they will change their mind about classical music. It is not sleepy music. I want it to no longer be strange to everyone as people have thought for many years."

In its sixth season, Xuân, who has a doctorate in musical arts performance, has invited Bucharest Symphony Orchestra, the most famous orchestra in Romania and among the best in Europe, to Hà Nội.

Through Oceana, Cello Fundamento 6, audiences will learn the story of a talented artist who went out to study and returned home with a big ambition of pushing Vietnamese music to the world level.

The performance will include well-known pieces such as The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart, The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss II and Waves of the Danube by Iosif Ivanovici.

Artists will also perform famed movie soundtracks such as The Godfather, Schindler's List, and Cinema Paradiso. Through these works, cellist Xuân believed her audience would enjoy the lively experience of a combination between movies and classical music. It is also expected to spread Cello Fundamento's goal of popularising classical music to wider people in the community.

As usual, the concert will end with a performance of Vietnamese folk songs arranged for the symphony orchestra.

A special guest of the concert is singer and doctor of music Tân Nhàn who will present two songs with the support of more than 100 Vietnamese and Bucharest Symphony Orchestra artists.

Bucharest Symphony Orchestra will perform for the first time in Việt Nam at the Cello Fundamento 6 concert. Photo courtesy of Christ Jamin

Nhàn currently works as vice-dean of the Vocal Department at the Việt Nam National Academy of Music. She won a prize in the category of folk songs at the Morning Star national singing contest in 2005.

Other guests are Ciprian Marinescu, classical violinist and music director for the Harmonious Chamber Orchestra of Osaka; cello soloist Răzvan Suma, who received a master's degree from the Music University in Bucharest; composer Trần Mạnh Hùng, who arranged many works for cello, violin, clarinet, piano and symphony orchestra; and clarinettist Trần Khánh Quang, lecturer at the Việt Nam National Academy of Music.

The Romanian Embassy in Việt Nam also strongly supports the concert, the largest musical event in the relationship history between Việt Nam and Romania. The two countries will celebrate their 72nd anniversary later this year.

Cellist Xuân, who spent five years studying in Romania, is appointed Honorary Ambassador for Romanian Music in Việt Nam.

All profits from the concert will be given to young talented music artists and donated to music for community projects, including the Một Triệu Bàn Tay Chạm Cello (One Million Hands on Cello) that brings cello to schools nationwide.

"I dream of bringing cello and classical music to all students from kindergartens to universities. To date, our project has approached almost 100,000 students, mostly in Hà Nội and central region provinces," Xuân said.

"After Cello Fundamento 6, I will travel to mountainous areas, HCM City and the South."

She added that in the coming years, her Cello Fundamento concerts would continue with the participation of orchestras from the Netherlands, Italy and the US.

Established in 2007, the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra represents a first-class Romanian ensemble. Wishing to offer music lovers the opportunity to come into contact with quality music, Bucharest Symphony Orchestra has developed original and innovative musical concepts. Many impressive concerts and events are held both in traditional concert halls, outdoors and in less conventional places.

The Orchestra tackles a wide range of repertoire, ranging from classical music to film music, pop, rock and crossover. It promotes music excellence and attracts young people to the concert halls. VNS