THACO accelerates investment, to hire nearly 15,000 staff

April 23, 2024 - 05:44
To meet its management and production and business needs, THACO will recruit 14,746 employees, taking its payroll to 65,520 by the end of this year.

HCM CITY — To meet its management and production and business needs, THACO will recruit 14,746 employees, taking its payroll to 65,520 by the end of this year.

Of them, 14,685 will work at its subsidiaries, mostly in the field of agriculture followed by mechanical engineering and trade and services.

In 2024 THACO's subsidiaries are focused on investing and carrying out new projects both in the domestic and foreign markets, while enhancing human resource recruitment to meet their strategic objectives.

In the field of agriculture, in 2024 THACO AGRI will invest an additional VNĐ5.8 trillion (US$228.4 million) to build a model of large-scale, integrated/circular organic agricultural production complexes with consistent quality and quantity (including one in the Central Highlands, two in Cambodia and one in Laos).

THACO AGRI aims to achieve intensive farming of banana on more than 11,600 hectares, and fruit tree farming integrated with cow breeding on 7,100ha by the end of this year.

Its cow and pig stocks are expected to top 151,500 and 136,000, and animal feed output will reach 120,000 tonnes.

THACO AGRI also remains committed to high-value freshwater-fish farming, including building fish hatcheries and facilities for mass farming of fish for meat.

THACO AGRI exports large volumes of organic products of high quality. — Photo courtesy of THACO

As for industrialised agricultural production, THACO AGRI will complete the infrastructure for industrial clusters within agricultural complexes, and put into operation key facilities such as an agricultural equipment and machinery plant, a packaging plant and a plastic materials plant.

The company also conducts research to develop an agricultural breeding centre and apply advanced technology in agricultural production.

To achieve these targets, THACO AGRI is recruiting 12,600 new employees, mainly recruiting workers and technical staff in Laos and Cambodia, which will take its total number of employees to 34,300 by the end of this year.

THACO INDUSTRIES aims to become a "nuclear" regional link, contributing to creating added value for and drive growth of Việt Nam's industrial sector. — Photo courtesy of THACO

In the mechanical engineering and supporting industries, THACO INDUSTRIES has set aside VNĐ 2.1 trillion ($82.64 million) for investment, research and expansion of parts production plants in the north and a mechanical and supporting industries centre in the south, R&D Centre, establishment of a trading company in the US to serve the North American market (encompassing the US, Canada and Mexico), and a representative office each in Europe and Australia to support existing customers and foster market development.

In 2024 THACO INDUSTRIES expects to achieve consolidated revenues of VNĐ13 trillion ($510.7 million), with exports topping $250 million.

With this development, the company will recruit 980 new employees, mainly engineers for its R&D Centre, expanding its total workforce to 8,620 employees by the end of 2024.

As for the trade and services sector, THISO plans to put into operation phase 2 of the THISO Mall Mall Trường Chinh – Phan Huy Ích; and build and complete THISO Mall Tây Hồ Tây (the first THISO Mall in Hà Nội), one in Biên Hòa (Đồng Nai Province) and another in HCM City (its fourth THISO Mall in the city) by early 2025, and so plans to recruit 414 new employees this year.

THISIO remains on track to build a system of shopping malls, accelerating the development of the retail sector. — Photo courtesy of THACO

Besides, at the THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park, this year THACO focuses on implementing transport infrastructure projects, an industrial park and urban area at a cost of over VNĐ3.89 trillion ($153.16 million).

THACO’s remaining sub-holdings have also implemented and completed key projects, and recruited nearly 600 employees to meet their development needs and promote production and business.

Developing appropriate workforce

Along with promoting investment in key projects, THACO and its sub-holdings also focus on developing a strong workforce aligned with THACO's philosophy, culture and industrial management practices.

THACO focuses on human resource training aligned with the group's culture and adapted to its new development path. — Photo courtesy of THACO

At its sub-holdings, the workforce is oriented to develop based on the specific characteristics of each industry.

While hiring, they seek individuals who demonstrate a positive working attitude, strong leadership and professional skills, adaptability and flexibility in all situations, and fitting with the group’s culture.

THACO meanwhile focuses on developing an "elite" leadership team from internal talent and recruiting from outside through planning, training and rotation to form the next leadership team with high ethics, management capacity and expertise.

This is among the key factors to realise the plans set out in the new development phase.

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