Hà Nội promotion activities in 2023 showcased trade, innovation, and economic growth

December 25, 2023 - 14:57

These events aimed to attract thousands of businesses engaged in the production, trade, and distribution of goods within the city and spanning dozens of provinces and cities nationwide


Hà Nội shopping festival. VNA/VNS Photo

HÀ NỘI — In 2023, Hà Nội, as the economic powerhouse of the nation, actively spearheaded trade and investment promotion initiatives within the city and across various provinces nationwide.

The city's People's Committee entrusted the Hà Nội Promotion Agency, in collaboration with pertinent departments, agencies, and business associations, to orchestrate a series of significant events. These events aimed to attract thousands of businesses engaged in producing, trading, and distributing goods within the city and spanning dozens of provinces and cities nationwide.

Throughout 2023, Hà Nội strategically promoted trade and investment in not only its own domain but also in domestic provinces such as Lào Cai, Nghệ An, Vĩnh Phúc, Yên Bái, Hà Nam, Hải Phòng, among others.

In the final months of 2023, major events were orchestrated by the Hà Nội Promotion Agency and its collaboration with relevant entities. The objective was to engage thousands of businesses in the production and trade sectors, encouraging their participation in a concerted effort to stimulate domestic consumption, boost total retail sales, and stabilise the market.

These professionally organised events were designed to support businesses in promoting and introducing their products, facilitating connections, fostering business cooperation, and enhancing economic growth. The events embraced innovation in both content and form, aiming to diversify promotional strategies and make it easier for consumers to access businesses' incentive programmes.

These events impacted consumer demand and forged connections between consumers and manufacturers, enabling businesses to fulfil people's needs and explore potential partnerships. Notable among these events was the Hà Nội Promotion Month 2023 at Hoàn Kiếm Lake pedestrian street, featuring 1,000 sales points and 50 Golden Promotion Spots, showcasing significant discounts from supermarkets and major shopping centres.

Innovative experiences were curated within events like the "Hà Nội Shopping Festival," boasting attractions such as Acecook Noodle Street, Vietjet tourist check-ins, and "Shopping Tour Street." The festival raked in revenue of up to VNĐ50 billion, with promotional products and gifts reaching a value of VNĐ20 billion and attracting 10,000 consumers.

Similarly, the "Hà Nội Super Shopping Festival - Hà Nội Mega Sale" brought together over 60 brands, offering more than 100,000 promotional products with discounts ranging from 15 per cent to over 50 per cent. This event attracted over 10,000 shopping visitors, achieving total sales exceeding VNĐ15 billion.

The "Golden Promotional Spots" at supermarkets and large shopping centres showcased over 1 million discounted products, drawing in more than 300,000 visitors and generating total revenue exceeding VNĐ300 billion.

In a bid to encourage non-cash consumption and promote digital transformation, Hà Nội organised the "Hà Nội Online Shopping Festival," attracting millions of visitors to the thangkhuyenmaihanoi.vn website for discounted online products.

Nguyễn Ánh Dương, Director of the Hà Nội Promotion Agency, emphasised the remarkable results achieved. Looking ahead, the agency has formulated plans for "Promotion Month 2024," advocating for early commencement of organisational activities to develop and issue implementation plans and invitations for businesses to participate.

The agency also advises the Hà Nội People's Committee to decide on diverse and creative events, focusing on businesses in the fields of e-commerce and intelligent payment to diversify promotional forms, making it easier for consumers to access corporate incentive programmes. VNS