Ministries slash fuel prices

August 11, 2022 - 17:35
The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Trade slashed fuel prices on August 11.


A driver gets her motorbike refilled at a petroll station. Photo

HÀ NỘI — The ministries of Finance, and Industry and Trade slashed fuel prices on Thursday.

E5 RON92 decreased by VNĐ900 to VNĐ23,720 per litre, whereas RON95 fell by VNĐ940 to VNĐ24,660 per litre. Diesel followed suit with a cut of VNĐ1,000 to hit VNĐ22,900 per litre. Kerosene went down by VNĐ1,210 to VNĐ23,320 per litre. Mazut remained unchanged, at VNĐ16,540 per kilo.

After the adjustment, the price of RON95 was VNĐ8,210 less than that in late June. The same goes for RON92 and diesel with price gaps of VNĐ7,580 and VNĐ7,110 respectively. That means fuel prices have returned to the pre-Russia-Ukraine-conflict levels.

The authorities also announced they set aside VNĐ700 per litre from RON92, VNĐ750 per litre from RON95, VNĐ350 per litre from diesel, VNĐ650 per litre from kerosene and VNĐ716 per kilo from mazut to finance the Price Stabilisation Fund.

On August 8, the Government cut most-favoured-nation tariffs on imported petrol to 10 per cent to cool fuel prices. — VNS