Sun Group inaugurates advanced international hospital in Vietnam

June 10, 2024 - 10:18
Sun Group has inaugurated Sun Group International Hospital in Hanoi. This is the first hospital within the high-quality Sun Group Healthcare System, which is both invested in and operated by the multi-sector group.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Professor Trần Văn Thuấn, Deputy Minister of Health, stated, “Sun Group International Hospital, a name symbolizing brightness and hope, serves as a beacon of light and vitality. It was granted an operational license by the Ministry of Health in early March 2024, with a capacity of 135 beds and over 3,600 technical services. The hospital is equipped with modern facilities and medical equipment, staffed by highly qualified and experienced doctors and medical personnel from across the country, alongside a professional team.

A "five-star hotel" hospital

Located in Bắc Từ Liêm District, Hà Nội, Sun Group International Hospital spans 12 above-ground floors and two basement levels. The total floor area is nearly 30,000 square metres.

Featuring modern facilities and a comfortable space operating to meet something akin to five-star hotel standards, with two presidential rooms, two apartments and 12 special standard rooms, the hospital offers patients a healing experience much like a resort stay, promoting a positive mindset and enhancing treatment and recovery outcomes.

The two presidential suites in the hospital are luxuriously furnished, with living rooms, patient rooms and rooms for relatives. In addition to 24/7 medical, nursing and security staff, each suite is equipped with high-end medical equipment to ensure timely critical care and optimal conditions for severely ill patients.

There are also two high-end and comfortable apartments, available for domestic and international medical experts visiting for consultations or in-depth examinations, or guests coming for intensive care, needing longer-term stays or those yet to be formally admitted to hospital.

Sun Group International Hospital also has an international-standard negative pressure isolation treatment area, ready to be activated if necessary during during pandemics and for treating infectious diseases.

It boasts one of Việt Nam’s most modern emergency and stroke centres, fully equipped with advanced respiratory and circulatory technology and capable of handling severe resuscitation cases.

The centre is connected to the cardiac-cerebrovascular intervention rooms and surgical areas, ready for intervention treatment and surgery for acute cerebrovascular and coronary conditions, as well as being equipped to carry out and manage recovery from other complex surgeries.

Cutting-edge equipment, outstanding physicians and superior services

Physician Associate Professor Dr. Nguyễn Văn Chi, former Director of the A9 Emergency Centre at Bạch Mai Hospital, said: “Few hospitals in Việt Nam have such a complete array of state-of-the-art medical equipment as Sun Group Internaional Hospital, comparable to the world's most modern hospitals. This includes equipment being imported into Việt Nam for the first time, allowing Vietnamese patients to receive international standards of care without going abroad.”

The hospital features the Siemens Biograph mCT 64 PET/CT full AI that helps optimise image quality, reduce radiation dose and shorten scan times; the Revolution™ Apex premium CT scanner with up to 1975 slices, capable of clear assessment of hidden lesions in minimal time and reducing radiation exposure by 96 per cent; and GE Healthcare MRI 3.0 and 1.5 Tesla machines from the US that offer superior diagnostic capabilities.

The hospital's four operating theatres were designed following consultations with the Maquet Getinge Group (Germany), meeting international standards for organ transplants. Notably, one hybrid operating space is equipped with a Philips DSA machine system utilising Rapid AI technology (USA) to optimally manage the 'golden hour' in stroke treatment.

Another key advantage of Sun Hospital is its team of top medical professionals in Việt Nam.

Mr Nguyễn Quang Thắng, Sun Group International Hospital Director, said: “In addition to our own experienced doctors and medical staff, Sun Group International Hospital also consults with a professional council comprising leading experts and doctors from Việt Nam and abroad. We have established a network of connections with experienced doctors and specialists in countries with advanced medical systems, to provide timely treatment plans for critical cases. It enables patients to receive precise international-standard diagnosis and treatment without leaving the country.”

Mr. Thắng further shared that two key strengths of Sun Group Internaional Hospital are its screening services and high-quality general health examination services.

In addition to advanced early cancer screening methods using state-of-the-art equipment, the hospital offers early stroke prevention methods. Patients will undergo basic to advanced cardiovascular screening, leading to early intervention and treatment plans to minimise sequelae in the case of an acute stroke.

Comprehensive healthcare services are personalised according to the US JCI standard - the world's most rigorous and safe standard in medical examination and treatment. Alongside medical examination and treatment, the hospital emphasises a journey of balancing body-mind-spirit, aiding patients in recovering both physical and mental health.

Sharing the vision for building and developing a high-quality healthcare system Sun Group Healthcare, Mr Đặng Minh Trường, Chairman of Sun Group, said: “After a 17-year investment journey in Việt Nam, successfully building a tourism and resort ecosystem that enriched the spiritual lives of the people, we are now extending the dream to enhance the quality of life and physical health for the Vietnamese people through a unique healthcare model. Each patient will be not just examined in, but also cared for and treated in, a nurturing environment akin to a rejuvenating retreat, fostering optimal conditions for their holistic recovery, both physically and emotionally.”

Following Sun Group International Hospital, Sun Group plans to expand this international-standard healthcare model to other locations where the group is investing, aiming to complete its premium and distinctive ecosystem nationwide, with the criteria 'beautifying the land.'

Professor Dr. Trần Văn Thuấn said: “I hope that in the future, besides Sun Group International Hospital in Hà Nội, Sun Group and other investors will continue researching, building and expanding this model in various provinces and cities nationwide to meet the growing healthcare needs of Vietnamese people and foreigners living and working here.”