Ultimate guide to maximize enjoyment at Đà Nẵng International Fireworks Festival 2024

June 06, 2024 - 14:26
In just a few days, the Đà Nẵng International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2024 will officially begin, promising to set Đà Nẵng's summer ablaze. Here are some top spots for entertainment and relaxation to fully enjoy the vibrant fireworks festival holiday.

Enjoy the 'Dance of Light' beside the Hàn River

On the evening of June 8th, the 12th Đà Nẵng International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) will officially launch with a competition between the French and Vietnamese teams beside the Hàn River.

Every Saturday thereafter, throughout the summer month, visitors to Đà Nẵng will witness the Hàn River adorned with vibrant colors as stunning fireworks displays from the intense competitions of eight teams light up the sky.

The Hàn River, already beautiful, will become even more radiant and poetic. Just lift your camera, and you’ll capture breathtaking 'check-in' photos.

In addition to watching the fireworks, every night of the competition, visitors can also enjoy performances featuring top Vietnamese showbiz artists. The opening night will also include world-class water performances for the first time in Đà Nẵng.

'Sleepless' at the brand-new entertainment hub - Da Nang Downtown

Not far from the Hàn River in the city centre is the entertainment complex named Da Nang Downtown (formerly Asia Park). It offers a range of new eating - playing - shopping experiences.

Besides thrilling games, miniature world-famous tourist destinations and the Sun Wheel - one of the top 10 highest Ferris wheels in the world - Da Nang Downtown also provides visitors with a lively and bustling festival atmosphere from day to night.

A highlight is the multi-experience art show 'Symphony of River' retelling the legend of a river in a unique way, set against the background of exploding fireworks, taking visitors into a real-life blockbuster action movie.

Vui Phết Đà Nẵng Night Market (VUI-Fest), the new night-time entertainment hotspot in the coastal city

Vui Phết Đà Nẵng Night Market (VUI-Fest), the new night-time entertainment hotspot in the coastal cityParallel to the modern colours, Da Nang Downtown still retains a deep breath of tradition with the 'Rối Việt' show at the brand-new Ầu Ơ Theatre - the largest puppet theatre in Central Việt Nam - with a capacity of 600 seats.

The standout feature is the Vui Phết Đà Nẵng Night Market (VUI-Fest) with hundreds of food and speciality stalls from Asia and Europe, handmade souvenirs and vibrant street performances. Da Nang Downtown currently offers free entry to all visitors. It is a must-visit spot when enjoying the DIFF festival in Đà Nẵng.

Immerse yourself in the giant art stage at Bà Nà Hills

Summer in Đà Nẵng promises excitement from the sea to the mountains, as Sun World Ba Na Hills amusement park brings a series of world-class events and shows, appearing for the first time in Việt Nam. Every corner of Bà Nà is animated by hundreds of artists almost every hour of the day. Each show offers a unique colour and a completely different experience for visitors.

Instead of having to fly to Europe or the US, visitors can experience the essence of the world's performing arts right here in Bà Nà this summer. Perhaps this is the first time in Bà Nà Hills' history will welcome so many of the world's leading stars in circus, magic and artistic performances.

It will open with the WOW Kingdom show, performed on an impressive three-storey stage, leading the audience into a magical world through the narration of the legend Maestro Voronin - dubbed the David Copperfield of comedy magic and his son, Maxim Voronin - the youngest circus and magic director in the world.

Following is the grand musical 'Fairy Blossom' over an extremely grand and elaborate scale with performances by 400 domestic and international artists, combining various art forms.

The show features top global performing arts stars, including Lena Koehn - the star of the prestigious Cirque du Soleil, the soul of the international diabolo performance and Crystal Ladies - twin founders of the unique art of foot juggling.

Visitors can also enjoy the vibrant disco tunes and get closer through 'The Rainbow Show' the alluring high heels dance performance of the 'Red Heel Show' with the appearance of six Mimosa Queen beauty queens from Thailand. The first shows for the LGBT community in Đà Nẵng promise to transform Beer Plaza Square into a dazzling and unique space.

Summer is also the time when Sun World Ba Na Hills enters its most vibrant festival season of the year. Coming soon is the Food and Beer Festival B’estival, inspired by Oktoberfest - the largest beer and folk festival in Germany, from June to August 2024 at the European Fair and Beer Plaza Square.

Luxurious relaxation and endless exploration

Visitors to Đà Nẵng during this period can also choose to combine entertainment and relaxation to optimise their experience and costs.

Novotel Danang Premier Han River - the first five-star hotel in Đà Nẵng located by the Hàn River with a direct view of the DIFF 2024 fireworks site - is definitely a top choice for many visitors.

The hotel is now offering the TIME TO CELEBRATION package starting from VNĐ6 million for a one-night stay, including breakfast and two buffet tickets at The Balcony with a firework view for two adults.

If you want to experience the magical nightlife at Ba Na Hills, Mercure Danang French Village Ba Na Hills is a favourite destination for many visitors. The hotel offers stunning views of the French Village - a spot not to be missed by enthusiasts. Every visitor step leads to the unique, poetic architecture of classical and romantic Europe, including town squares, villages and the inspiring St. Denis Church.

With cultural festivals and countless interesting experiences around DIFF 2024, visitors to Đà Nẵng this summer will surely want to stay in the city throughout the firework season.