October 02, 2023 - 16:01
On September 26, Vedan Vietnam's resistant starch product "Fiber RT-90" won in the Weight Management category at the NutraIngredients-Asia Awards 2023.

The NutraIngredients - Asia Awards is a prestigious accolade that honours innovation and the most advanced research in the field of functional foods, dietary supplements, and nutrition throughout the Asian region. The participating products will be meticulously evaluated by an independent panel of judges, who are leading experts in the fields of Nutrition and Pharmaceuticals from countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, and Japan. This is a highly appreciated award for the Food and Nutrition industry that many companies aspire to.

The Award ceremony took place at the Growth Asia Summit 2023 in Singapore, organised by NutraIngredients-Asia. NutraIngredients-Asia is owned by William Reed, a company specialising in publishing and organising events related to the F&B industry.

Mr. Chen Huan Chieh (on the right) and Ms. Tran Phuong Ha - Representatives of Vedan Vietnam received the award.

Fiber RT-90 is a resistant starch (RS4) product – which means it does not digest into sugars like other forms of starch due to its high fibre content (minimum 90 per cent fibre). This helps users effectively control their weight and promotes efficient Digestive System function. With the increasing obesity rates worldwide, Fiber RT-90 is considered an effective solution in weight management, helping consumers reduce the burden of limiting carbohydrates in their diet.

The FIBER RT-90 product by Vedan Vietnam.

The Fiber RT-90 product can be used in combination with other forms of starch to process food without significantly affecting the taste experience of the user. The victory of Fiber RT-90 at the NutraIngredients - Asia Awards 2023 is evidence of Vedan Vietnam's continuous research and improvement efforts in production technology, meeting strict product requirements for customers and the judging panel.

With the motto: “Local Development for Global Business”, Vedan Vietnam constantly strives to grow its international presence in overseas markets by creating delicious meals and taking care of the health of consumers. Vedan Vietnam aims to to become one of Asia’s leading companies in the food industry.