Hanoi French Hospital celebrates 26th Anniversary with special campaign “First-class caregiving”

September 15, 2023 - 11:00
This September 2023, Hanoi French Hospital (HFH) celebrates its 26th anniversary, marking a significant milestone in the delivery of first-class healthcare services to both Vietnamese and expatriate customers. For the occasion, HFH is launching the anniversary campaign “First-class caregiving”.

Hanoi French Hospital marked its 26th anniversary this year with the launch of its expanded hospital in May 2023. The event was very positively received by the wider public as it meant HFH could meet the growing demand for internationally benchmarked healthcare services.

With the rapid growth of Viet Nam's prosperity and the increasing number of foreigners and international tourists in Hanoi  and the surrounding provinces, this expansion increases the hospital's capacity to 170 beds, ensuring it can meet the rising demand for treatment and medical care according to top international standards.

The promotion "First-Class Caregiving, launched from 12 September till 12 November 2023, offers customers an exclusive opportunity to experience the “first-class healthcare” services of HFH

For its 26th anniversary, HFH offers an exclusive opportunity for more and more customers to experience first-class healthcare services through the promotion "First-Class Care-giving" starting from 12 September 2023 till 12 November 2023.

As part of this programme, customers participating will receive a complimentary specialist consultation and a 26 per cent discount on associated lab tests, imaging, and bed fees (subject to applicable terms and conditions). The promotion is available to all customers who visit HFH, whether outpatients, inpatients or customers who need A&E services. For the purpose of the campaign, HFH will follow up with customers' feedback on the “first class healthcare services” they experience from this programme.

For your medical needs, you can register for the promotion here or call the hotline at 024 3 577 1100 for further assistance.

HFH focuses on delivering safe and internationally accredited medical care with a patient-centered approach

To enhance its medical capacity, HFH continues to attract a team of talented internationally trained doctors, recruiting experienced doctors with international backgrounds from France, Japan, Italy, and others, alongside internationally trained Vietnamese experienced doctors from various nationally acclaimed hospitals.

HFH is progressing with its Medical Development Strategy for 2023-2024 led by its French Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Erwan Debuc, who has a solid professional and leadership background and exposure to international healthcare best practices.

The strategy focuses on delivering safe and internationally accredited medical care with a patient-centred approach. This includes the development of a comprehensive maternal and child healthcare roadmap, covering all stages from reproductive health to newborn care and continuing until children reach 16 years of age.

HFH is also strengthening its internal medicine department by establishing specialized centres for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various disorders, particularly vascular diseases.

Additionally, the hospital is expanding its outpatient specialties in orthopedics, otolaryngology, spinal treatment, and gastroenterology. Advanced support services such as diagnostic imaging, interventional radiology, pharmacy, and laboratory testing are also being prioritized.

Accident & Emergency (A&E) services is are always taken as the heart of the first-class healthcare in HFH’s operations. The hospital's A&E Department operates 24/7, staffed by a team of internationally trained doctors and nurses who are prepared to respond to any medical emergency.

Supported by laboratory, radiology, and operating room personnel, this dedicated medical team ensures prompt, safe, and high-quality care for patients.

“For any serious health issues that need emergency care, Hanoi French Hospital is always at the top of my mind, without hesitation. I felt at peace and very secure when being treated for an emergency here. HFH saved my life, for which I am eternally grateful,” said a middle-aged patient from Hai Ba Trung District who was treated for critical post-Covid breathing issues.

In 2023, HFH is continuing to enhance its emergency service capacity by recruiting international emergency physicians specializing in adult, pediatric, and obstetric care. The professional skills, as well as a commitment to serving the patient's best interests, create a difference in terms of the quality of healthcare services at Hanoi French Hospital.

Please visit website: www.hfh.com.vn, FB Fanpage Hanoi French Hospital for more information about  HFH.