BM Windows exports the façade of The One project, the tallest building in Canada

August 18, 2023 - 09:53
Vietnam's architecture and construction industry is steadily asserting its position on the global stage, not only through remarkable domestic projects but also through endeavours in international metropolises with the participation of Vietnamese contractors.

The One in Toronto, recently announced by the developer Mizrahi Developments, will stand at an official height of 91 stories, making it the tallest building in Canada upon completion. Its unique façade system is provided by BM WINDOWS – a Vietnamese façade brand intricately linked with a range of iconic projects within the country.

For several consecutive years listed among the world's most liveable cities, Toronto has stood as an economically and culturally vibrant centre, characterised by its rich diversity and forward-looking lifestyle standards. Stepping through two decades of resplendent development, Toronto is adorned with proud skyscrapers, and The One stands as a notable piece, often likened to a 'dominant' crown gracing the city’s skyline. This 91-storey 'landmark' tower, soaring 328.4 meters high, has been meticulously nurtured by Mizrahi Developments, from the selection of design partners to the provision of finishing materials for its façade. Renowned global architectural firm Foster + Partners has brought forth an unmistakably distinctive identity to The One, and BM Windows – a Vietnamese façade contractor – has become a supplier and producer of façade modules for the project.

The façade of The One encompasses all the highest technical specifications of a 'supertall' building, along with the stringent standards of the North American region. Especially within the context of the current global sustainable development trend, environmental factors take precedence. For this project, BM Windows will manufacture more than 38 different types of panels, totalling more than 7,000 unitized panels. The entire façade system produced by BM Windows undergoes rigorous scrutiny from ASTM International - the American Society for Testing and Materials, meeting the demands of Canada's harsh temperate climate that can drop to as low as -18°C, withstanding wind pressures of up to 4.0kPa at elevated heights, alongside criteria for structural integrity, building displacement, insulation, soundproofing, airtightness, and high durability.

By meeting the most stringent technical standards to participate in a project considered a symbol of contemporary world architecture, BM Windows has demonstrated the capabilities of Vietnam's façade contractors, earning international recognition.

Upon completion, The One will be the first 'supertall' building according to the definition by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Canada, and it will serve as one of the emerging iconic symbols of the Red Maple Leaf country.