Vietnamese brands go beyond with high quality to enrich people’s lives

August 22, 2023 - 16:06
HÀ NỘI — Vietnamese enterprises are constantly utilizing Vietnamese resources to produce high-quality Vietnamese products because of the abundant and diverse sources available in Việt Nam.

The Business Association of High-Quality Vietnamese Products conducted a nationwide survey in which consumers rated and voted for high-quality Vietnamese products. Through the survey, trends among consumers can be witnessed in the purchase of healthy, environmentally-friendly products. Consumers consider not only quality and price, but also safety. Furthermore, the survey showed that over 50 percent of local enterprises have launched many new and improved products with the purpose of delivering high-quality Vietnamese products in recent years.

Among the companies that are following this direction to raise the standard of “made in Việt Nam” goods, Hoa Linh Pharmaceutical (Hoa Linh) and Thái Minh Pharmaceutical (Thái Minh) stand out with their remarkable products for Vietnamese consumers.

Hoa Linh is one of the top Vietnamese brands with healthcare products developed from inheriting the healthcare experience of Vietnamese traditions, traditional medicines, and natural ingredients. Besides healthcare products, Hoa Linh is well-known for its personal care product lines such as: Ngọc Châu herbal toothpaste, Nguyên Xuân herbal hair care, and Dạ Hương feminine hygiene solution.

Driven by experienced pharmacists and specialists, Hoa Linh constantly invents and innovates to bring the best products made of familiar traditional medicines and natural ingredients such as locusts, pomelo peels for washing hair, tall fruit peels to clean and whiten teeth, bathing with green tea leaves, rice water, etc. With stable quality, high performance, and reasonable prices, Hoa Linh’s product lines are conquering the hearts of consumers across the nation.

Nguyễn Thị Thùy Dung, Director of Hoa Linh Pharmaceutical's Cosmetics, Healthcare, and Beauty Products.

Nguyễn Thị Thùy Dung, Director, Cosmetics, Healthcare, and Beauty Products, representing Hoa Linh Pharmaceutical, said: "Ensuring the quality of the product is our top priority to remain in the market leader and maintain sustainable development. Quality is also our core value, and it has served as a profound foundation for the company's success and growth during its 22-year history.”

Furthermore, its products are also a combination of domestically available resources with global consulting and innovative ingredients to improve performance. This is a testament to a decade-long strategic partnership with Business Unit Performance Materials of DKSH, a leading market expansion services provider with almost 160 years of experience globally.

DKSH has provided advanced ingredients and strategic consulting to assist Hoa Linh in improving formulas as well as enhancing product performance, contributing to the outstanding growth of the brand’s two popular products, specifically Ngọc Châu herbal toothpaste and Nguyên Xuân herbal hair care products. The partnership between the two companies has contributed to the production of millions of units each year for Vietnamese consumers.

Nguyễn Thị Thùy Dung, Director of Cosmetics, Healthcare, and Beauty Products, representing Hoa Linh Pharmaceutical, stated during the Success Stories Sharing event held by DKSH in Hà Nội: “We appreciate DKSH's strong expertise and excellent support for Hoa Linh’s business over the past decade. This strategic cooperation is critical to Hoa Linh’s success in bringing the greatest Vietnamese personal care products with high quality to customers.”

Sharing the same vision to deliver high-quality products manufactured domestically to take care of Vietnamese, Thái Minh, a scientific-based nutraceutical manufacturer, is also a good example for the local business community. With dedication and a scientific foundation, Thái Minh strives to research and cooperate with experts and scientific organizations to seek the best solutions to support and solve human health problems. Thái Minh is committed to creating products based on the most professional, quality, and reliable scientific research.

Hàn Ngọc Anh, Director of Thái Minh Pharmaceutical.

Also attending the Success Stories Session held by DKSH, Hàn Ngọc Anh, Director of Thái Minh Pharmaceutical, clarified more about Thái Minh’s vision and direction to develop "made-in-Vietnam" nutraceuticals and the partnership with DKSH.

Cooperating since 2019, DKSH and Thái Minh successfully launched the calcium gummy Heviho at the beginning of 2023. This nutraceutical contains CalGo®, a nutraceutical ingredient extracted from natural salmon by Hofseth Biocare (Norway), which is distributed by DKSH in Việt Nam. This ingredient not only helps absorb calcium six times easier than others but also enhances bone and dental health without causing constipation.

Hàn Ngọc Anh, Director of Thái Minh Pharmaceutical, shared: “We believe that with outstanding features, the calcium gummy Heviho will increasingly affirm its position in the Vietnamese market. Under the partnership with DKSH, Thái Minh will continue to invest and develop to diversify the portfolio of high-quality nutraceuticals under the Vietnamese brand name, providing consumers with more choices besides imported products.”

During more than 30 years of operation in Việt Nam, DKSH has constantly strengthened its capabilities to always be a trusted partner to existing and new businesses. DKSH's solutions are always instant but also ensure sustainability for markets and communities.

The successes of Hoa Linh and Thái Minh help accelerate Vietnamese brands to the next level in providing the best to consumers with available resources in Việt Nam combined with innovation from international partnerships such as DKSH. The market is looking forward to more accomplishments by domestic companies to uplift the local business community in Việt Nam and go beyond.