Many experiences not to be missed at the 2023 Fall Festival on the peak of Ba Na Hills

September 27, 2023 - 13:09
Taking place from September 20, 2023 - October 31, 2023, the 2023 Fall Festival at Sun World Ba Na Hills is expected to be an impressive event, marking the cultural interference between European autumn and Vietnamese autumn.

Ba Na Hills is currently embracing the enchanting and serene days of autumn, where trees undergo a splendid transformation, adorning themselves in a resplendent shade of golden yellow. The weather becomes refreshingly cool and crisp, accompanied by sunshine and scattered clouds. Within the midst of this ancient and romantic setting, the Autumn Festival of 2023 has been meticulously arranged to revive and showcase the distinctive cultural essence of the illustrious European autumn, harmoniously blended with the exceptional cultural traits of the traditional Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival.

Visiting Sun World Ba Na Hills at this time will undoubtedly leave tourists in awe of the enchanting and idyllic European golden autumn scenery meticulously replicated throughout the area. The meticulously crafted miniature landscapes and extravagant displays constructed using vibrant and uniquely shaped pumpkins, strategically positioned in both the Fountain and Convergence Square, promise to create unique check-in points and stunning photos for tourists.

On this particular event, the space beneath Eclipse Square will be adorned as a lively garden filled with yellow leaves, symbolising the arrival of European autumn. The breath-taking yellow landscape will provide visitors with an extraordinary autumnal ambiance, perfect for capturing stunning photographs.

Furthermore, various familiar elements of the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival, including the Mid-Autumn festival trays, lion heads, lanterns and drums, are thoughtfully placed throughout multiple areas to warmly welcome guests. This arrangement adds to the authentic recreation of the festival's meaningful essence.

The main attraction of the 2023 Fall Festival at Sun World Ba Na Hills is the spectacular presentation called "Abundant Autumn" (Mua Vang Boi Thu). This extraordinary show is designed to authentically recreate the lively ambiance of the European farmers' plentiful autumn harvest. By featuring enormous pumpkins, expansive haystacks, and energetic performances by talented international dancers, it successfully brings to life a dynamic celebration of the farmers' abundance.

The primary objective of this event is to express gratitude for a year of favourable weather and a bountiful harvest, while also wishing for a prosperous year ahead. What sets this European-style feast apart is its incorporation and fusion of certain traditional elements from the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival. These elements include vibrant lanterns, rhythmic Mid-Autumn drum beats, a captivating lantern procession, and the deal out a mid-autumn festival cakes and fruit.

Not only can visitors relish the lively atmosphere of the fall celebration, but also have the opportunity to participate in a range of entertainment options that highlight a fusion of European and Vietnamese cultural influences. These encompass captivating performances of lion and dragon dances, as well as engaging in the cosplay area where you can indulge in face painting, non-permanent tattoo design and nail art.

In addition, in order to provide visitors with memorable experiences during the Halloween festival in late October, the tourist area also offers performances by a Halloween fashion-themed band, pumpkin carving demonstrations, pumpkin decoration activities, and an eagerly awaited special Halloween party on October 31st, 2023, at the Beer Plaza restaurant.

On this occasion, Beer Plaza and Bon Mua restaurant will serve traditional mooncakes, allowing visitors to fully enjoy the taste of autumn at Ba Na Hills. With the stunning European autumn scenery, the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival culture, a captivating show, along numerous other exciting and appealing activities, the 2023 Fall Festival promises to bring visitors unforgettable experiences and emotions about an "Abundant Autumn" on the peak of Ba Na Hills.