November 18, 2022 - 07:57
The fourth quarter of every year is always the time when the real estate market enters an exciting period with a series of new projects being launched and opened for sale.


The end of the year is often a time chosen by many customers to buy a house. As an explanation for this, the end of the year is an opportunity for people to have more savings from salaries and bonuses. Thus, there is a need to focus on investment and savings channels, including real estate. Grasping this psychology, project investors often launch new products with many incentives, discounts, loan support with good interest rates, etc. to help customers feel secure in their investment decisions.

However, that was the story of years ago. Entering the fourth quarter of 2022, the market continuously faced a lot of negative economic information such as inflation, war, falling stocks, and high interest rates, that had a significant impact on customer psychology.

Owning an apartment in HCM City is the goal of many young people today.

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Mr. Tinh, a technician in HCM City, said: “My family plans to buy an apartment at the end of the year so that we don't have to rent anymore, both my wife and I have saved enough to pay half of it in advance, and for the other half plan to take out a bank loan, but the banks are currently tightening the room for lending, interest rates are high, so I am hesitant to spend money to buy."

Sharing the same sentiment, Ms. Huong, an office worker in HCM City said: "I plan to buy an apartment which is close to my workplace for convenience, but when I researched, I found that the current price of the apartment is too high compared to my income. Recently, there has been a lot of bad news about the market, so I try to wait and see if the price drops further before making a decision."


Mr. Le Tan Trung, Director of Bao Khang Corporation, which has many years of experience in the distribution and development of apartments in HCM City, said: "Currently the market's liquidity is at a low level, not as hot as 3-4 years ago. Many areas that used to increase rapidly in price are now showing signs of falling. The reason is that investors use large loans, now they have to bear high interest rates, so they want to sell to recover capital. They accept the profit margins that are not as expected, break even or reduce prices to get out of stock soon. As for investors who do not borrow from banks, they still keep their products and wait to overcome the difficult period to sell. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect real estate prices to decrease, but this number is not much and often falls into the segment of land plots rather than apartments. Particularly in the segment of apartments, the primary selling price has increased steadily over the years, showing no signs of decreasing. The demand to buy apartments to live in is a constant demand whether the market has a fever or not. Therefore, the selling price is stable and tends to increase in projects with good locations, many utilities, and densely populated areas. If customers find out a suitable project, they should immediately decide to have a plan to live and work in peace and contentment."

COSMO City project is exclusively distributed by Bao Khang company in Viet Nam

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According to batdongsan's report on the market in the third quarter of 2022, interest in apartment projects increased over the same period, mainly in central districts. It can be seen that, in the context of the market facing many difficulties, most customers look to products with real value as a measure to prevent the currency from slipping. When cash flows tend to flow into safe channels, in addition to savings, finished apartments in the inner city with transparent legality become an attractive investment and shelter channel.


Mr. Van, a customer at COSMO City, said that he chose the apartment here after only one visit to see the actual house. He was convinced by the diverse and synchronous utility system. The project has a 3-storey podium with GO shopping mall and Big C supermarket, after shopping, he can bring goods directly to the house. Choosing for himself an apartment with an area of 128m2 including 3 bedrooms, he is pleased to share that this is his favorite apartment, because it is fully furnished and equipped, he and his wife do not need to buy anything more, just bring their suitcase and move in. The entire design and construction materials in the apartment are made to the liking of the couple, a classy privilege for COSMO City residents.

Customers receive fully furnished apartments at COSMO City

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Owning a prime location on Nguyen Thi Thap street frontage, adjacent to Phu My Hung area, district 7, COSMO City conveniently connects to the central districts of the city with only 10-15 minutes of travel. In addition, the policy "Get housing first - Installment later" allows customers to receive housing as soon as 30% of payment is made. The remaining 70%, customers can pay in installments for 33 months completely interest-free. Not only that, COSMO City is a completed apartment project with a House ownership certificate for each apartment. Customers can easily borrow from existing banks to buy the apartment. This is a great advantage in the period when banks strictly control the source of loans to buy real estate.

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