Aqua City: a happy living environment

April 05, 2022 - 08:15
At Aqua City, an urban area in Dong Nai Province, residents enjoy fresh air and a safe living environment thanks to advanced technology.

At Aqua City, an urban area in Dong Nai Province, residents enjoy fresh air and a safe living environment thanks to advanced technology.

Nguyen Thi Nguyet of HCM City bought a villa in Aqua City in 2019, and decided to buy another three years later.

Explaining the reason for buying a second villa, she said: “Aqua City is like an European city in Viet Nam. The project has many luxury amenities such as a marina and a theatre and sport and entertainment complex on the river.”

She said she and her family were extremelly surprised by the project’s modern look even before it was finished.

Besides major amenities like the marina, clubhouses and palaces, many other facilties will be complete by the end of this year. These are expected to make Aqua City even more attractive to prospective buyers.

Aqua Central Mall is a place where residents can go to enjoy shopping, entertainment and food.

The Aqua sports complex is a place for both indoor and outdoor sports. Citygym and Citispa centres will be built in shopping areas.

In the shophouse area, there will be many food and beverage brands from Viet Nam and all over the world such as Xing Fu Tang, Gloria Jeans, Lotteria, and Mango Tree, fashion shops, convenience stores, and a clinic.

Nguyet said though she and her family love to stay at Aqua City.

What she loves most about the project is its many parks.

As a sports and nature lover, she said she would do morning excecises or yoga or jog every day, she said.

“After the exercise, I will relax amid nature with a cup of coffee or tea. I will also walk along the project to enjoy the sunset at the marina.”

Nguyet and her family enjoy the natural beauty at Aqua City

While Nguyet loves nature, her two daughters like modern facilities.

They said they spend weekends shopping when living there, go to the cinema at Aqua Centreal Mall, and hang out with friends at restaurants and coffee shops near the marina at night.

“We can enjoy the same things as in a European city without the need to go abroad.”

Visitors relax with PhinDeli coffee at Aqua City

Actress Oc Thanh Van also plans to live in Aqua City.

Luxuriously designed villas with all amenities is not the only factor for this.

“Closeness to nature and its civilised community of people are the main reasons for me to live here,” she said.

Her ideal place to live is where they can step out of the house and her childern are able to run on grass, walk in the park and play with neighbours while she and her husband take a walk.

A living area at Aqua City

At the weekends her family could go to the square for entertainment and eat at famous food and beverage outlets, she said.

“My kids are at a stage of learning and exploring the world. They love to make new friends. Living in Aqua City will help them develop physically, intelectually and spiritually. Live is now too rushed and so enjoying weekends together is meaningful.”

The family of Actress Oc Thanh Van visits Aqua City

Aqua City residents are now anxious for opening day so that they can live in a place with nature, unique landscapes but also modern amenities.

Novaland Group, the developer of Aqua City, said it is well prepared in terms of human resource, facilties and landscapes to welcome the first residents of Aqua City at the end of 2022.

Aqua City is now offering buyers a number of promotions. When they visit the Novaland Gallery at 2Bis Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 1, in HCM City or the Aqua City project, they can get gift vouchers of up to VND200 million and discounts of 4 percentage points on bank loans, design packages of up to VND500 million, loyalty discounts of 1-5 per cent, and discounts of up to 5 per cent for Novaland shareholders.

To visit Aqua City, please access  Or call hotline 0943797979